10 awesome facts about iowa 80 truck stop

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Here you can use TRUCKOMAT wash services:

  • Walcott, Iowa
  • Oak Grove, Missouri
  • Effingham, Illinois
  • Joplin, Missouri
  • Kenly, North Carolina
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Hebron, Ohio

Since 1969, Iowa 80 TRUCKOMAT operates 24/7 to cover all your needs at any time.

4. Iowa 80 Truck Stop Cat Scale

CAT Scale located at Iowa 80 truck stop as the worldwide leading truck scale network will make sure that your truck is within the legal limit. It has more than 1,700 locations across the United States and Canada.

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop
Source: www.iowa80.com

The maximum weight allowed for truck and trailer is 80,000 pounds. The overweight truck can damage the roads and it has higher stopping distance.

Also, their WEIGHT MY TRUCK application will allow you to weight the truck and immediately pay from your Smartphone. With this application, the truck driver doesn’t have to leave the truck cabin so he will be able to save precious time.

  • The truck driver can set parameter where the app will send the PDF weight information or copy scale ticket to more than five e-mails.
  • You should know that if you need a hard copy ticket for an hour of the weighing you can always pick it up at the fuel desk.

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop
Source: www.weighmytruck.com

The system functions in a way that the bank account is connected with the phone and allows payments from everywhere. The Iowa 80 truck stop CAT Scale will help you save time and money. WEIGHT MY TRUCK application makes the payment method easy and simple for every truck driver.

Saving time is a way of improving the general performance of your trucking company.

5. Truck Parking Lot With 900 Truck Parking Spots

The Truck parking lots are important for truckers. They are areas where the truck drivers can safely park their trucks. The trucking industry is facing a big problem when it comes to parking spaces.

Many times the truck drivers can’t find a parking space so they are forced to park in areas that are not legal just to cover the hours of service.

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop
Source: www.iowa80.com

Anyway, parking in an illegal area can lead to penalties which will affect the trucking company safety rating. With Iowa 80 truck stop you will never have the problem of finding a parking spot. With more than 900 truck parking spots, the truck drivers can be sure that there’s parking spot that is waiting for them.

With Iowa 80 truck stop on your side, you are invincible. You have a parking spot and a lot of other amenities that can make you relaxed and stress-free. The world needs to take an example of Iowa 80 truck stop there are a lot of things that can be learned from this place.

6. Iowa 80 Trucker’s Travel Store

The Iowa 80 trucker’s travel store is the largest in the United States. You can find anything that you can imagine and as the truckers love to say if you can’t find something in the Iowa 80 Trucker’s Travel Store then you don’t need it.

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop
Source: www.iowa80.com

Really this store has everything that you can put on a truck or that can help you fix a problem. There is a lot of things like:

Iowa 80 Trucker’s Travel Store has 30,000 square feet showroom and more than 32,000 items for sale.

7. Iowa 80 Truck Stop Food Services

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop kitchen is famous for the home cooked meals and the extensive salad bar. The kitchen has 1 million cups of coffee served over 52 years of business, 90 tons of meat and 2 million eggs annually. This kitchen has 300 seats and 60 banquet room seats.

  1. Million cups of coffee consumed over the 52 years of business
  2. More than 18,2 million eggs served over the 52 years
  3. Since the opening it serve the 4th generation of truckers
  4. It is opened 24/7 365 days in a year

Everything that the Iowa 80 truck stop kitchen is giving is a real pleasure for the truck drivers. Every truck driver knows how difficult is to drive 10 hours every day and consume healthy food. The truck drivers mostly consume junk food which is a real hazard to their health.

The home cooked meals are a real pleasure and a moment of happiness for the truck drivers that are passing through the Iowa 80 truck stop.

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop
Source: chefattachments.yolasite.com

Beside the kitchen with a home cooked meal the truck stop have other food services such as:

All of these food services are open 24/7 so … no matter when you arrive at Iowa 80 truck stop you can sit and have a tasty meal. Enjoy!

8. Iowa 80 Truck Stop Laundry Is Always Open For You

When you’re driving your rig for a thousand of miles it is important to keep your clothes clean. OK, it’s not the best way to spend your free time but having clean clothes at the end of the day is always a way to prevent yourself from diseases.


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As a truck driver, you are going in and out of your truck cabin. The outside dirt is collecting on your clothes which you are taking with you inside of the truck. At the end of the day before you lay on your truck bed make sure to take off the clothes that you have on you that day and prepare them for laundry.

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop
Source: www.today.com

Every truck stop can’t offer you a laundry option but Iowa 80 truck stop can assist you wash and dry your clothes so you can keep driving in free germ environment. Health is number one priority for the truck drivers and Iowa 80 truck stop is there to help you keep your clothes sanitized.

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop is located on the 3td floor and it can offer you:

  • Top load washers – 12
  • Large front load washer – 1
  • Commercial size dryers – 16

9. Truckers Jamboree At Iowa 80 Truck Stop

The Truckers Jamboree since 1979 is celebrating the America’s Truckers. It is one of the most interesting events in the trucking industry. Truckers Jamboree is hosted every year in Iowa 80 Truck Stop.



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