10 Best Fuel Management Systems on the Market

10 Best Fuel Management Systems on The Market

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Fleet Fuel Management Solutions and Services features:

  • FuelServe (Is accessible through web and mobile devices and here you can view, filter and sort, fuel usage data);
  • Fuel Reporting;
  • TankWatch (fuel tank monitoring);
  • Easy installation methods;
  • GPS Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking;
  • Wireless Vehicle Tag Fuel Authorization Options;
  • Multiple Sites-You can have access from multiple sites);
  • Multiple User Permissions (with different levels of access and permissions for each user);
  • Mobile Access.

3. Omnitracs Telematics 

Starting fees: – $23.00 per month hardware included.

Omnitracs LLC produces innovative software and SaaS fleet management solutions for the transportation industry.

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This way they help big and small trucking companies to improve the reliability, productivity, safety, routing, and compliance of their transportation assets.

They aim to be the first place you call for your business needs, by providing their customers a competitive advantage through lowered costs, outstanding customer service, and unparalleled power of big data, driver satisfaction, and streamlined processes.

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Their fleet management solutions offer:

  • GPS Tracking and monitoring software;
  • Real-time Vehicle Monitoring;
  • Historical GPS Locations;
  • Fleet Compliance; (Compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA), and other government organizations rules and regulations);
  • Hours of Service;
  • International fuel tax reporting and IFTA;
  • Driver vehicle inspection reporting;
  • Reduced Operational Costs (by skipping weigh stations and minimizing out-of-route miles);
  • Advanced Diagnostics;
  • Savings on truck insurance cost;
  • Keep Your Drivers Safe (by sending dangerous driving alerts to you, and In-cab Video where you can see what happen if truck accidents occur);
  • Efficient Route Optimization Planning, and Dispatch.

4. FleetMatics REVEAL 

Starting fees: – Free demo, contact sales department for additional pricing information.

Fleetmatics, a Verizon company, counts as one of the leading global providers of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses delivered as (SaaS).

They have fleet management solutions that are helping you to better manage your local fleets, and your businesses to improve productivity.

When you are using Fleetmatic’s web-based fleet management and in same time cost-effective solutions, you will have visibility into fuel usage, vehicle location, speed and mileage, and other important things that will help reduce operating and capital costs, and increase revenue in the same time.

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FleetMatics REVEAL GPS fleet tracking it’s live web-based GPS fleet tracking software and hardware that reduces fuel and operating costs while helping you provide better service to your customers and improves their satisfaction.

Furthermore, REVEAL will give you all you need so you can better and faster respond to your customer needs by deploying vehicles more efficiently and gives you the best trucking tools to run your business and accurately measure your fleet’s performance.

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Some of REVEAL’s features that can help your business operate more efficiently are:

  • Real-Time Fleet Monitoring;
  • Helps Prevent Breakdowns;
  • Save Money on Fuel;
  • Fleet Safety and Security;
  • You can get More Done Per Day;
  • Improves Customer Service;
  • Reports;
  • Driver ID;
  • Dashboards;
  • Fleet Maintenance;
  • Timeline View and Replay;
  • Geofences;
  • Real Time Alerts;
  • Fuel Card;
  • ELD Logbook & Compliance;
  • Setup & Support;
  • Mobile Application;
  • Fleet Savings Calculator.

5. FuelerPlus

Starting fees: – $15-$125.00 per month.

The FuelerPlus fuel management systems are great because you can store all your fleet’s relevant information in location. No more opening this or that program or rummaging through paper files!

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So now, you can track your driver assignments, asset status history, and other important information.  This can be anything from your vehicle inventory, to fuel expenditures, all in the same place!

Something else that makes FuelerPlus standout is they offer unlimited customizing of the data input fields. This way, you can track multiple meters, have VIN decoding (90+ specs), assignment and status history and that’s just the start.

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You can also track cost per mile trends, link all your assets together, both import & export the data, and even log notes with related comments. On top of that you can even upload documents, reports, photos and so much more.

FuelerPlus has several other compatible systems that allow you to access all of your files, images, and related documents.

Another great feature is you can do this remotely at any time. So if there were any issues to arise you could handle them as quickly as possible and not lose valuable time.

6. Trak Engineering Inc. (Fuel Management Systems Called SentryGOLD)

Starting fees: – $8,000.00 onetime fee.

SentryGOLD Fuel Management Systems are the foundation with which all Trak’s technologically advanced solutions are based on. They are Windows based fully supportive fuel management system capable of supporting all your company’s related needs.

Source: www.trakeng.com

Some other great features about the SentryGOLD system is that it’s very versatile, as are all Trak’s products.

One nice feature is that they simultaneously work with various access devices for easier accessibility. Their system can be upgraded to most any passive system, offering radio frequency vehicle availability.

Source: www.trakeng.com

Unlike some systems the SentryGOLD system is totally weather proof. That means is shouldn’t be affected by any weather conditions (regardless the heat, cold, snow, and/or rain). Its large display screens are easy to view both day and night. Another nice feature is the touch screen with makes operating it easy as well.

7. WolfByte’s Fuel Management System – FuelTax

Starting fees: – 30 day trial for free, $99.00 after the free trial.

WolfByte Software Inc was incorporated in 1996, and ever since then this company has been providing easy to use, innovative and in the same time affordable softer programs and services geared towards the trucking industry.

One of those software programs is the Windows based dispatch program called WolfDispatch.

Source: www.wolfbyte.com

This program except being competitively priced and used in new start-ups as well as in established organizations is also feature-rich and easy to use software which implementations take max of one day.

The WolfByte Software has been successfully serving the transportation and logistics companies for over 20 years now! With variety of different products including Brokerage, Trucking and Fuel Tax, WolfByte can meet wide range of customers’ specific needs and make your business time and cost efficient!



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