10 Best GPS Tracking Devices and Fleet Management Software Solutions for 2017

So, we can see crystal clear that this company has set a reachable goal, which is to provide a maintenance system that is easy to use, while at the same time is maximizing the benefits of keeping accurate maintenance records.

In the end, Fleet Maintenance Pro as one of the best GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions can help you minimize the total cost of ownership for your fleet and equipment.

5. Director Fleet Software by Teletrac

Teletrac Navman Director can manage your assets and vehicles from a single platform. Also, it can lead you to run a more efficient fleet.

More precisely Teletrac Navman Director can easily and quickly interpret your fleet’s data.

That is to say this company is well aware of the fact that the more trucking companies can keep an eye on the ball, they can maximize the asset usage to increase productivity and to maintain a preventive care of vehicles.

Also, with Teletrac Navman Director as one of the best GPS tracking devices you will be in the position to access to actionable data and to make better decisions.

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Source : www.teletracnavman.co.nz

Moreover, if you decide to get Teletrac Navman Director you will be able to direct your fleet and mobile workforce using a single platform.

More precisely, this GPS fleet management solution is offering you:

  • Vehicle location, driver status, Geofencing, traffic updates;
  • Instant vehicle and driver data at the job site or on the road;
  • Top-level view for monitoring all vehicles;
  • Navigation function that translates an assigned route;
  • Comparison of planned and actual travel to optimize the routing;
  • Vehicle monitoring enroute or idling to keep track of performance;

6. Telematics by TomTom

Telematics by TomTom is featuring the most complete fleet management solution for trucks.

So, if you want to prove your working and driving time compliancy with tachygraphy , manager, then I would highly recommend you to use this management software solution.

Webfleet Tachograph Manager will make the work easier your you and your truckers on the road. It will help you to:

  • Make compliance easier through automated downloads of driver card data as well as vehicle data;
  • Save costs and time through fewer manual downloads;
  • Help drivers get more out of their driving time;
Source: www.businesswire.com

Also, it will help you get insight into your driver’s activity at any time by just logging into the comprehensive online dashboard that TomTom is featuring. The whole software solution is designed to keep your data private.

With TomTom Telematics you will enjoy a simple, reliable solution that will put you totally in control.

7. Wialon

In general, Wialon is used for mobile and stationary assets tracking. As a multifunctional fleet management software system it is allowing to become a service provider without intensive startup investment related to server acquisition.

Hence, it is proving all advantages of hosted solutions. But, on the other hand it can be installed on your own infrastructure.

Nevertheless, Wialon is a compatible with a number of software GPS trackers.

Also, it is good for you to know that Wialon has released order fleet management software service. This service is designed to control all stages of delivery and field services operations.

Source: www.gurtam.com

Nowadays Wialon has more than 1 000 000 units connected. It is just one more proof that Wialon is efficient, reliable and applicable in different business domains.

Wialon Today is featuring:

  • Wialon SaaS version;
  • SDK module and Remote API;
  • Wialon server-based version;
  • 1 200 000+ units;
  • 1200+ hardware devices supported;
  • Regular updates;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • GPS fleet management from mobile device;

8. RTA Fleet Management

You are in search for a fleet management software that can keep track of the data that keeps your vehicle rolling? As well as a fleet management software which includes preventative maintenance, parts tracking, warranty recovery?

If that’s the case, I recommend you to take a look at RTA Fleet Management.

Just keep in mind that the right software will give you and your team of truck drivers a better control, while at the same time reducing the costs and saving you money.

RTA Fleet Management Software is all about productivity and making your fleet lean and more effective.

In addition, with RTA Fleet Management Software you will be able to tie the workflow together for a complete management package including:

  • Preventative Fleet Management Software Scheduling;
  • Warranties;
  • Parts;
  • Purchase orders;
  • Vehicle/Equipment Tracking;
  • Tires and Fuel;


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With work orders you can easily create a quick method to obtain the repair history entered for an asset.

Moreover, the RTA’s equipment/vehicle linking module will display you service records for the equipment to the asset and is displaying service records as well.

9. Geotab

With this fleet management software solution you can make your ELD easy.

Many trucking companies see Geotab as their go-to source for Fleet Compliance Management.

There are many reasons why trucking companies are choosing this software solution. Let’s start with the fact that Geotab for more than 15 years is bringing innovation, expertise and open platform technology to businesses of all sizes.

In addition, Geotab is constantly ranked among the top leaders in technology innovation. This management software solution can help you meet compliance, optimize your fleet and increase your productivity as well.

Source: www.geotab.com

Geotab is also featuring FMCSA compliant solution for HOS, Driver Vehicle Reporting and driver identification. Geotab Drive is compatible with the Geotab Go6 and Go7 devices, IOX-USB, and Android or iOS.

Moreover, Geotab has also reports on all aspects of fuel to help you identify and reduce unproductive miles. Fleet managers will be able to achieve fleet fuel efficiency by better managing routes, idling time, vehicle speed, and vehicle maintenance.


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In addition it is offering the most extensive reports and metrics to help you reduce your fuel consumption. It will improve your fleet’s fuel economy and observe side-by-side fuel data.

In fact, the fleet optimization and fleet management software can measure the return that your fleet is providing for your business.

10. GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution

The GPS Insight Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solutions are the best choice for trucking companies delivering goods on a daily basis.



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