10 Best GPS Tracking Devices and Fleet Management Software Solutions for 2017

All trucking companies are in need of a solution that can provide them with the needed insight to make critical business decisions and stay compliant with DOT regulations. In such manner GPS Insight Fleet Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solution have designed one.

In fact, the GPS Insight Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solutions can provide trucking companies with real-time visibility and actionable data that trucking companies have the need of in order to operate and manage their fleet in the best possible way.

Source: www.gpsinsight.com

With GPS Insight you will be able to:

  • Ensure safety of your drivers and passengers;
  • Monitor and coach driver behavior;
  • Reduce accidents;
  • Confirm proper vehicle maintenance;
  • Immediately send help to drivers in need;
  • Lower fuel and labor costs;
  • Reduce maintenance costs;
  • Extend vehicle lifecycle;
  • Lower Insurance Premiums;

GPS Insight is in fact featuring GPS Insight Standard, GPS Insight Pro, GPS Insight Enterprise as well as Hours of Service ELD.

  1. The GPS Insight Standard is designed for small fleets 1-25 vehicles;
  2. GPS Insight Pro is for businesses of 26+ vehicles looking for more sophisticated GPS tracking software;
  3. GPS Insight Enterprise for large fleets – 501+ vehicles;
  4. Hours of Service GPS Insight ensures FMCSA compliance and delivers superior safety and productivity for your fleet;


All in all, running a trucking company is not a child’s play. Being responsible for managing a fleet of vehicles is not easy at all. But, luckily trucking company owners nowadays have the advantage to use GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions.

Back in the day trucking company owners were not aware of what the accurate location of each truck driver and every vehicle are. But, GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions have changed that.

Trucking companies nowadays are reducing operating expenses, saving time by reducing downtime, optimizing their resources, reducing insurance costs, as well as maximizing vehicle utilization thanks to GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions for 2017.

Hence, if you have any previous experience with the GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions that I have included in this article, feel free to share it with us in the comment box.



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