10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Budget Moving Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental operates all over the United States and has about 27,000 trucks in its fleet. Besides moving truck rental this truck rental service offers pretty much any rental equipment that you might need for a move.

People say that at Budget you can always expects good deals, discounts and promotions or coupons that can save you a significant percentage off your quote.

They use the same algorithm for estimating truck rental rates like and the rest of the truck moving rental companies that are out there, but with their competitive pricing and very often promotions and coupons you can save even more money.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

You have a choice of three different sizes of trucks and your choices are: 12-foot, 16-foot and 24-foot trucks. In the 12- foot and 16- foot trucks there is place for two people while in the 16-food you have room for three people and the 12 and 16 foot trucks include a loading ramp and the ability to tow a vehicle. 

The good thing about Budget Moving truck rental is that they offer one-way truck rentals. You can also rent a tow dolly, which is best for front-wheel-drive autos, or rent a car carrier, which is best for four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

As it is with the rest of the moving truck rental companies out there, at Budget moving truck rental price depends a lot on when you make the reservations.

Prices are often lower than the rest, but especially when you make the reservation ahead of time (as far in advance as you can) and in the regular working days instead of weekends and holiday season.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Here are few good points why you should get a moving truck rental from Budget:

  • They offer Special discounts for senior citizens, military personnel, students and more.
  • They often try to match the competitor’s price.
  • Budget rents out furniture pads, (which are like large, thick blankets to protect your furniture from the metal interior of a moving truck. Hand trucks, or dollies, are helpful to have when you’re moving heavy objects to and from a rental truck.
  • They have several insurance options available for you to purchase that can protect you and the rental truck should anything go wrong (just be sure to read the fine print, because not all plans cover everything. For example, a Limited Damage Waiver requires you to pay for the first $500 of damages, and this doesn’t include damage to tires or overhead damage).

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

When you make a reservation with them for moving truck rental they require credit card info and in case where you need to cancel a reservation, be sure to do it 48 hours prior the reservation time otherwise you will have to pay $50 penalty.

They do not offer any kind of guarantee on reservations and even do they do claim that they don’t overbook, it can happen! In that case they offer you a replacement for the truck that you wanted to rent at the first place.

On a one-way rental, if you from some reason need to keep the truck for one day extra and return it later than your reservation time, you have to pay $85 per day and 85 cents per additional mile.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

U Haul Moving Truck Rental 

U Haul is another place from where you can rent your moving truck rental. They have more than 20,000 locations across the United States and offer the most choices. You have options to choose and rent few sizes of U Haul moving truck rental and the options are:

  • 10-foot long, (the only company where the smallest truck can tow a vehicle)
  • 15-foot
  • 17-foot
  • 20-foot and
  • 26- Foot long trucks.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

According to their website statistics, more than 40 million people moved this year, so with that in mind, most likely you’ve seen one of their moving truck rental driving down the road.

I am sure most of you are well familiar with the orange paint job, the advertised on the sides where it says $19.95 in-town price, and usually a graphic that represents a state or province.

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They are one of the few companies that offer one-way truck rentals and all of their trucks are with minimum two people seats. Another good thing about this moving truck rental place is that their trucks have low loading decks, which makes easier for you to get your belongings inside.

All of the trucks that are above 15 feet long include a small compartment known as Mom’s Attic where you can store fragile items.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Other then rental trucks, you can rent from them tow dollies and car carriers. These are trailers that you can use to haul your vehicle behind the truck when you move.

In order to drive one of the U Hauls truck rentals you do not need to have special drivers license however, you do have to be 18 years and older.

You can pay for their services with cash, debit or credit card and only when you pay cash deposit is required.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

If you decide to rent from them, ask about any promotions they might have at the moment or look online for coupons. They also very often match the competitor’s rates, so just ask for a price match if you get a lower quote from somewhere else.

On U Haul FAQs you can find many questions and answers, about rates, receipts, reservations, and gas related stuff like what is the amount of fuel that needs to be in the tank when you return the truck.


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Good thing about this rental place is that your reservation with them is guaranteed, so if they fail to provide you the size of equipment you reserved at the time and location you agreed to with them, the company gives you $50! Not many of the moving truck rentals do this!

In case something go wrong while you are renting one of their trucks you can call their toll-free phone number, or request ’round-the-clock’ roadside assistance from their website.

When you are all done and you get to your final destination you can just call U-Haul and find one of the locations that is the most convenient for you, where you can drop off the truck.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies



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