10 Best Texas Trucking Companies

6. Steady Character

We all have pressure on the position we work but being a truck driver is one of the hardest jobs ever. States away from their home and the loved ones can cause sleep apnea and other major psychical issues.

The best truck drivers are prepared for the task and use the strength not to overload them self but to get trough the task and get back home safely when the time comes.

Truck driver that bends under the pressure of trucking will start developing

  • Đ•ating disorders
  • Sleeping disorders

Not eating and resting properly can be dangerous for the truck driver health which will affect his/hers driving performance quality. A fatigued truck driver is number one threat on the road.

7. Have IT knowledge

Being a truck driver in this modern era is not easy because that means that he/she needs to learn new IT skills as the technology goes further.

The technical gadgets are very important for today modern trucking so if the truck driver can use those gadgets to increase the efficiency than he can find a good job to some of the greatest trucking companies in Texas.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Texas

The modern gadgets can be used to improve the safety of the freight and the vehicle, providing better safety rating to the company. Trucking companies in Texas and every other company in every corner of the world need a truck driver that can respond to the challenges.

8. Knows More Languages

Knowing more languages is always a good advantage especially when the job requires communication with different people with different origins. One of the languages that the truck drivers need to know if they want to become part of the best trucking companies in Texas is the Spanish language.


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Just for heads up:

  • Arizona has 30% native Spanish speakers
  • California has 38% native Spanish speakers and the
  • Mexico has 47% native speakers

What do you think about learning the Spanish language now?

9. Communicative

Communication is the key in every business especially when it comes as required skill. The truck driver who knows 10 languages but is shy and not to open to conversation does not belong to the best trucking companies in Texas.

Sometimes you need to involve yourself in the conversation with the clients to help them or you need to get involved in the conversation to learn few things and make your job easier.

10. Self Organized

A truck driver that can organize his tasks and make the best of them is an asset of every trucking company.

If he can find a way to organize the driving and still find a way for entertainment keeping his mental health perfect means that he can organize the job duties in much better and much creative way to pull the best out of it.

Houston Trucking Companies – HQ For Trucking in Texas

Houston is the most important trucking center in Texas and one of top 5 most important trucking centers in the US besides:

  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Los Angeles
  • Memphis

Why is Houston the main part of the trucking industry in Texas? Houston becomes the center of trucking as result of the expansion of 3 way trade between US, Canada and Mexico that was under the NAFTA.

The Houston Port is also one of the US crowded ocean gateways. With port like that Houston becomes a center of the trucking industry in Texas. The freight needs to be transported from the port to the final destination and for that to be possible Houston invests in trucking schools that are training reliable truck drivers.

Here is the List of the Best Trucking Companies in Texas

1. Stevens Transport

(It is the Largest Refrigerated Trucking Company in the Texas region)

10 Best Trucking Companies in Texas

  • Based: Dallas, Texas
  • Fleet Size: 2,139
  • Number of Drivers: 2,558
  • Safety Rating: Satisfactory

Type of Cargo:

Stevens Transport maintains great reputation when it comes to over the road refrigerated transport. They can meet your needs with quality and on-time delivery. They have some of the best trained truck drivers and combined with the technology that they offer makes them one of the best trucking companies in Texas.

2. Trimac Transportation Inc.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Texas

  • Based: Houston, Texas.
  • Fleet Size: 974
  • Number of Drivers: 926
  • Safety Rating: Satisfactory

Type of Cargo:

  • Chemicals: Latex, Liquid Resins, Lubricants, Wax, Petroleum Solvents, PVC Resins, Solvents, Water Treatment Compounds …
  • Dry Bulk Products: Cement, Gypsum, Salt, Sand …
  • Food Products: Granulated Sugar, Alcohol, Flour, Edible Oils …
  • Industrial Gas: Natural Gas Liquids, Argon, Carbon Dioxide …
  • Petroleum Products: Diesel Fuel, Bio-Diesel, Gasoline, Ethanol …
  • Resource Commodities Products: Mining Concentrates, Coal, Petroleum Coke …

3. Summit Trucking

10 Best Trucking Companies in Texas

  • Based: Dallas, Texas
  • Fleet Size: 104
  • Number of Drivers: 104
  • Safety Rating: Satisfactory

Type of Cargo:

  • Paper products
  • Freight
  • Beverage

Trucks: Dry Van, Dedicated, Flatbed, Heavy Haul, Temperature Controlled

Summit Transportation can offer tailored trucking services to its clients and not just that it can finish the job perfectly and effectively. Offering different class 8 services gives them a chance to grow their clients. Their perfect service provides them with a list of long term business partners.

4. Russell Transport

10 Best Trucking Companies in Texas

  • Based: El Paso, Texas
  • Fleet Size: 165
  • Number of Drivers: 124
  • Safety Rating: Satisfactory

Type of Cargo:

  • From small packages to transportation of palletized good and haz-mats materials.

Founded in 1993 Russell Transport becomes one of the best trucking companies in Texas. It expands the trucking services to 48 states providing dedicated service to the customers.

It is one of the top 100 trucking Hispanic American Owned trucking companies in the US and one of the top 500 trucking companies that are owned by women.

They work hard to provide the best customer service to their clients and together with the best support to their employees they found a way to make it successful for everybody engaged in the working process.

5. Ceva Logistics

10 Best Trucking Companies in Texas



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