10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida


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Lake Trucking Company was incorporated in 1961 by the Stokes Fish Company. Back then the Stokes Fish Company had already obtained ICC license, meaning that the company was allowed to transport seafood as well as other food products from Midwest to Florida.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
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Moreover, the dedication that Lake Trucking Company has regarding the safety has brought them low accident rating, and believe me that is the most important thing to customers.

When someone is looking for a trucking company to transport their loads, among the very first things that he is going to check is the accident rate of the company. In that way Lake Trucking Company is without doubt one of the best trucking companies in Florida.

Lake Trucking Company has temperature controlled fleet, they are also offering Less than truck load services, which allows to their customers to do transportation of their goods no matter if they can fill the whole trailer.

So if you are looking for any kind of transportation services, especially transportation of refrigerated products, Lake Trucking Company will make all of your requirements happen.

4.Wilson Trucking Corporation

Wilson Trucking Company a family-owned company, this company has managed to find the way to succeed and to be among the best trucking companies in Florida.

This trucking company has multi-terminal network of facilities, these facilities are placed on their locations wisely in order to meet the requirements of their customers.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
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So if you are looking for a dependable company, which is at the same time reliable and professional, Wilson Trucking Company is the best choice for you. This trucking company has specialized in LTL services.

Not only that they have specialized to do LTL transportation but they are providing it in time critical situations. They make it happen by using their Green Zone.

Having 30 terminals, Wilson Trucking Company manages to meet the needs of their customers in a time-efficient manner. As well Wilson Trucking is doing transportation in 10 states, part of their operation region includes:

  • Florida;
  • West Virginia;
  • Mississippi;
  • South Carolina;
  • Georgia;
  • Alabama;
  • Maryland;
  • Tennessee;
  • South Carolina;

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
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Wilson Trucking has 100% company owned equipment and 100% company drivers that have obtained Class A CDL license.

Their truck drivers are going on continuous trainings in order to widen their knowledge and to transform their knowledge into productive and professional transportation that will satisfy their clients. All of their employees are real professionals, they are dedicated and company oriented.

To enumerate, Wilson Trucking is a great choice since it is providing numerous services, and is operating with modern fleet.

When we put all together, their fleet, their employees, and variety of services that they are offering we can see why this trucking company is one of the best trucking companies in Florida.

5.DTL Transportation Inc.

DTL Transportation is one of the best trucking companies in Florida, at the same time it is a leading transportation company that has specialized in refrigerated and time-sensitive shipments.

What makes this company so unique is the fact that the leaders of this company are treating all employees with respect.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
Source: www.dtltrans.com


We are all aware that the main asset of all companies are the people that are working there, only if the employees are dedicated the company will be able to see prosperity and growth.

The truck drivers of DTL Transportation are well qualifies, as a start point all of them have obtained CDL drivers license and have been on additional trainings that have contributed to their way of work.

Therefore, if you are looking for a trucking company to transport your loads or if you are looking for a job opportunity as a truck driver, DTL Transportation is a great choice.

This trucking company is offering job opportunities and is interested in truck drivers that are ready and willing to commit to DTL Transportation and to their customer’s needs.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
Source: www.dtltrans.com


If you are looking for a summary of the services and benefits that this company is offering you can read furthermore:

  • Expert Tracking;
  • Professional services;
  • Competitive Prices;
  • Modern Equipment;
  • Newest Trucks;
  • Well- educated and professional truck drivers;

DTL Transportation being in the trucking business for more than 80 years has managed to see and learn what are the keys for success, starting with customer satisfaction, up to happy drivers, and maintained fleet.

I strongly recommend you to use DTL Transportation services, because this company wont let you down, they will pickup and deliver your loads on time, on safe manner.

6.Service Trucking Inc.

Located in the heart of the south-easternmost, Service Trucking is one of the best trucking companies in Florida.

This trucking company is in the trucking industry for more than 40 years, during that time this company has specialized in serving the food industry especially in transportation of refrigerated food.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
Source: www.driveforservicetrucking.com


This trucking company has a large fleet, it includes more than 150 trailers and over 90 tractors. Above all this trucking company owns its success to their fleet and their truck drivers that are professionally operating with the trucks.

Service trucking is among the best trucking companies in Florida because it has made their workplace family-oriented and all of their 100 truck drivers are being treated with respect and honor.

If you are a manufacturer in the food industry and you are looking for a trucking company to do the transportation of your food, have in mind that Service Company can make that happen.

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This trucking company has fleet that includes:

Also Service Trucking is constantly expanding their services, nowadays this company is providing to their customers full-brokerage services.

Service Trucking aims to do the transportation in a safe manner, by communicating with their truck drivers while they are performing the process, as well as by tracking them while on the road.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
Source: www.servicetrucking.com


Moreover, Service Trucking has improved their fleet with new trucks that are equipped with the latest technology, and newest gadgets. This technology improves the safety and the efficiency of the transportation process, and by that the truck drivers are able to always deliver the loads on time.

To sum it up, if you are living in the heart of Florida, and you are looking for transportation services for your goods, than Service Trucking might make the perfect match.



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