10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

4. HMD Trucking Inc.

HMD Trucking is a company that is focused on strategy and finding solutions for transportation needs. This trucking company was founded in 1998, and it represents one of the best trucking companies in Illinois.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
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The mission of this trucking company is to provide their customers with the best quality and professional services.

Being on the market more than 20 years this company knows for sure how to handle and solve the transportation needs of their customers and at the end of the day to hear how their customers are sharing positive experiences.

Moreover, HMD Trucking is providing to their truck drivers and employees positive atmosphere, and a chance to work as a team.

Their truck drivers have the benefit of continuous development through trainings and opportunity of expanding their position in the company. Each one of their employees contributes in a great measure to the success of the company.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
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HMD Trucking is mostly operating in Chicago area, and aims to achieve success in all areas of their transportation services. Nowadays this company operates with over 200 tractors and 400 trailers.

The services that HMD Trucking is providing are leading the company towards sustain growth and prosperity.

5. C&K Trucking

Committed to the environment, C & K Trucking is one of the best trucking companies in Illinois. The focus of this company is on investing in new technologies in order to improve their business and to make the operating of their truck drivers easier.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
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C & K Trucking besides being one of the best trucking companies in Illinois at the same time it is one of the most innovative companies that has installed software on each of their trucks.

This software helps in the process of monitoring and tracking the loads and truck drivers. Also this company has developed back-hauls in order to reduce the miles that the drivers are driving with empty trucks.

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Henceforth, this company is showing improvement each year, their results show reduction in the output and improvement in their services. It has become a leader in providing inter modal trucking services in Illinois.

It is clear that this trucking company knows how to meet the complex needs of their customers. C & K has also added one more transportation process that makes them unique in the trucking industry, that service is case-by-case.

Moreover, this company cares a lot about the environment by decreasing the carbon footprint. The decreasing of the carbon footprint can be done by efficiently improving the miles per gallon. The fleet of C & K Trucking is composed of 150 tractors that are serving the Chicago area.

Yet another positive thing about this company is the fact that it offers competitive prices, and EDI capabilities.

6. JKC Trucking Inc.

JKC Trucking is part of the trucking industry for more than 30 years; nowadays it is among the best trucking companies in Illinois. This trucking company has developed their trucking services in a way that they are easily adaptable to everyone’s needs.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
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Moreover, the organization in this company is exceptional, they have expedited, single as well as team drivers, that are completing the transportation requirements. JKC Trucking has specialized in the following transportation services:

  • Less than Truckload;
  • Inter-modal service;

If we take a look at the services that this company is providing, we can see that JKC Trucking can be your perfect match if you are looking for:

  • Fleet Operations;
  • Inter-Modal Transportation;
  • Dropped Trailer;
  • Dry Truckload Services;
  • Services that require validated temperature controlled trailers;
10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
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JKC Trucking has the newest trucks equipped with the latest technology; also their truck drivers are well educated and trained, so that they can show amazing results. This trucking company is always delivering the loads on time and at a good condition.

Therefore if you are looking for a trucking company in Illinois you can have JKC Trucking into consideration.

7. Trucking Experts

Trucking Experts was incorporated in 2005; it is offering transportation and logistics services. Being one of the best trucking companies in Illinois – Trucking Experts is providing trucking services done in a reliable, safe, and efficient way.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
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This trucking company offers various transportation services that require the use of:

  • Long-hauling;
  • Temperature controlled trailers;
  • Dry Van Trucks;
  • Air ride trucking service;
  • Flatbed transportation services;

Therefore, Trucking Experts with a desire to make and provide better service to their customers has made terminals in multiple cities.

Also in order to make their service better they are providing additional trainings to their truck drivers, and are always keeping them in track with the latest technology innovations.

Their truck drivers are using on-board computers while on the road, as well as vehicle satellite tracking.

Furthermore, all employees and truck drivers of Trucking Experts are motivated to perform their duties with professionalism and time-efficiently, that is so because they consider that if they provide ultimate service to their customers, it will be remembered for a long period of time.


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By doing that they are going to achieve to attract new customers and their first time customers might become loyal to their transportation services.

Trucking Experts are offering the following services:

  • LTL Trucking;
  • Healthy Supply Services;
  • Temperature Controlled Services;
  • Intermodal Services;
  • Cross-Docking;

The uniqueness of this company is that it is flexible and can change without problem in order to meet the requirements, needs, and expectations of their customers.

Their employees are contributing to the success of this company in a great measure, by dedicating themselves to constant improvement.

And from my point of view constant improvement and using the newest technologies, without any doubt can lead you to guaranteed success.

Believe me when I say that trucking Experts will exceed your expectations. They are one of the best trucking companies in Illinois that can meet your needs.



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