10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

8. Earl L. Henderson Trucking Co.

Earl L. Henderson Trucking is among the 10 best trucking companies in Illinois. It was incorporated in 1981, and up to 1990 this company has achieved to buy 87 tractors and 145 temperature controlled trailers. In 1990 Earl L. Henderson trucking company was sold from its leaders to John Kaburick.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

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Moreover, this company is one of the best equipped trucking companies; the average age of their trucks is only 12 months, which is pretty amazing.

Also another positive thing about the way that this trucking company is operating is the Omnitracs that they are using. Omnitracs is satellite equipment which serves to track the trucks and the loads.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

Besides the satellites, their truck drivers are using mobile applications that are helping in better communication between the truck drivers and the trucking company.

Earl L. Henderson is located in Salem, Illinois, this company is mostly operating in the areas of Eastern and Midwest USA. Nowadays if we take a glance at their fleet we can see that this company owns more than 6000 tractors.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

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Therefore, do not hesitate if you are in this area and you need transportation services, call this company. This company will provide you with a great service done in professional manner.


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9. Best Transportation Services Inc.

Best Transportation Services was incorporated in 1987 and nowadays their leaders can proudly say that it is one of the best trucking companies in Illinois. At the beginning of its work the main focus for this company has been to deliver and provide the best messenger services.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

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From my point of view this company has achieved this enormous success because of the constant diversifying of their fleet and services. Also another rare service that this company features is hauling of hazardous materials. Few years ago this company expanded to doing truckload services and tractor-trailer services.

Moreover, this company is easily adaptable to its customers’ needs, so if we take a look at their motto which is ‘We put service first’, we can see that they are keeping it real.

Best Transportation is privately owned and is leaded by three individuals. These people are well aware of the benefits that can be brought if using the newest technology. Their fleet is well equipped, with new trucks and new technology gadgets that are a ‘must’ nowadays in order to perform the transportation process safely.

When it comes to their truck drivers- all of them have obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license and have gone through several trainings and orientations. As well Best Transportation is providing to their truck drivers additional trainings in order to keep them on track with the news and changes that are taking place in this industry, also to provide them with update about the newest technology equipment that can make their life easier.

With more than 90 years of experience, Best Transportation without further questioning is among the best trucking companies in Illinois. Mostly this company is operating in wider Chicago area.

10. Hoekstra Transportation LLC.

If you are in Chicago area and you are looking for a well-established transportation company, I would like to suggest you Hoekstra Transportation which is one of the best trucking companies in Illinois. This trucking company is family owned company and their leaders have always been from the same family.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

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Hoekstra Transportation is mostly operating in the Chicago area, they are doing the transportation in the most professional way possible, and that is so thanks to their truck drivers. Hoekstra transportation is choosing their truck drivers by their education, their background, trainings, and of course one of the most important things- all truck drivers must have obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license.

Besides offering good salaries to their truck drivers, this company is also offering them with truck driver’s trainings, which are held very often. The aim of these additional trainings is for the truck drivers to be able to learn new things and techniques in order to operate better and without any mistake.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

Source: www.hoekstratrans.com

Another interesting fact about this company is that it has formed the Driver’s Advisory Council, which is formed for truck drivers that are from Chicago area. The aim of this council is to improve the transportation processes, in a way that all truck drivers would share their experiences and to identify good opportunities in order to improve the trucking business.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

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Furthermore, truck drivers from Hoekstra Transportation are enjoying many benefits like:

  • Paid dental, vision and life insurance;
  • Bonuses and paid holidays;
  • 99% no touch freight;
  • Regular scheduled home time;

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Many truck drivers like to enjoy the benefits that Hoekstra Transportation is offering. This trucking company might be a great match for the transportation of your loads. Their truck drivers will do the transportation in the safest and most cost-effective way.


To sum it up, this article will help your way if you are in search for a trucking company in Illinois. I have presented you 10 best trucking companies in Illinois that can meet the needs of each customer, because these companies are flexible and can adapt to everyone’s needs.

During the selection of the best trucking companies in Illinois I paid great attention to their operation strategies, their history, their fleet and most importantly the experience that their employees have as well as the experiences of their customers. Being in the trucking industry for a long time and knowing what the customers are in search for, I decided that only these 10 trucking companies are worth to be placed in this article.

If you have any previous experience with some of these companies, whether as a customer or as an employee, please share it with us.



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