10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey


4. John Curry Inc.

John Curry Inc. is in the trucking business for more than 140 years, it is one of the best trucking companies in New Jersey. At the very beginnings this company has been transporting loads with the help of horses and wagons.

Trucking companies like John Curry are a great inspiration for each individual that is involved in the trucking business.

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey
Source: www.johncurryinc.com

Nowadays John Curry has large fleet that comprises:

  • Straight Trucks;
  • Lift Gate Trucks;
  • 53′ Refrigerated Trucks;
  • 53′ Dry Trucks;
  • Tandem Axle Day Cabs;
  • Double Axle Day Cabs;

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey
Source: www.johncurryinc.com

Moreover, this company is serving almost all industries, starting from the food industry up to diverse general commodities.

John Curry is one of the greatest refrigerated haulers based in New Jersey, they are understanding really good the needs of the food industry, and know how to provide food companies with the best refrigerated transportation services. Mostly this company transports:

  • Refrigerated Liquids;
  • Chocolate;
  • Temperature Sensitive Grocery Items;
  • Temperature Sensitive Electronics;
  • Frozen Food;

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey
Source: www.johncurryinc.com

In addition John Curry is also offering flatbed hauling services, they have specialized in obscure and over-sized loads. Their flatbed specialization includes:

  • Steel and Aluminum;
  • Heavy Machinery;
  • Over-sized loads;
  • Precast Systems;

As one of the best trucking companies in New Jersey, John Curry has the best truck drivers. Their truck drivers have obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license and are constantly part of additional trainings. They are time-efficient and are able to do the pickup and delivery from point A to point B on a professional and dedicated way.

5. Shawnee Trucking Co. Inc.

Shawnee Trucking is one of the best trucking companies in New Jersey, this company is providing transportation and logistics services. Shawnee Trucking joined the transportation industry in 1991, and during the years this company with dedicated work has built a good reputation.

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey
Source: www.shawneetransportation.com

Therefore, this trucking company in order to maintain its good reputation is constantly investing in new technologies, that help in improving their services. With headquarter in Carlstadt, this company is offering flexible and dependable services. Mostly the services that this company is offering are:

  • Inter-modal services;
  • Messenger services;
  • On-site Facility Management services;
  • Trucking services;
  • Warehousing services;

Moreover, being a full service trucking company, Shawnee Trucking is reliable and flexible when it comes to meeting its customers’ needs. As well in addition to its transportation services this company is offering LTL freight transportation.

As you can see Shawnee Trucking can play a big role in your daily shipping needs. This company will provide you with the best shipping solutions.

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey
Source: www.shawneetransportation.com

Provided that we can see than delivery with success is their specialty, with this company you wont have any problems like late deliveries. Late deliveries and unreliable information about the transportation process will never happen if you Shawnee Trucking is doing the transportation, that is so because this company is using state of art mapping software all-together with perfect blend of technology and internal management solutions.

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey
Source: www.shawneetransportation.com

The fleet of Shawnee Trucking is equipped with the latest technology gadgets, as well as with fleet technology solutions like:

  • GPS Tracking;
  • Innovative Dispatch Software;
  • Fleet Maintenance Program;
  • Paperless Trip Recording;
  • Client Freight Tracking;

In the meanwhile, if you find yourself in a situation where you need a trucking company to transport your goods, have in mind that Shawnee Trucking is always a good choice, all employees in this company are real professionals.


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6. On Time Trucking Inc.

On Time Trucking is one of the best trucking companies in New Jersey, this company is so successful because it is led by four principles: on-time service, exception-free handling, accurate invoicing, and customer satisfaction. When a company manages to fulfill successfully these four principles success will flow their way.

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey
Source: www.ontimetrucking.com

One of the main parts of a trucking company are its employees, the employees are the ones who are providing a great contribution to the overall success and functioning of the company. Therefore, the truck drivers of On Time Trucking are professionals in every aspect, they have obtained Class A CDL drivers license and have gone through several trainings and orientations.

Moreover, On Time Trucking has large fleet which comprises:

On Time Trucking is comprised of professional team that is dedicated to their customers and will do what it takes in order to do the transportation on time. The transportation services that are available in this transportation company are:

  • Distribution;
  • Consolidation and Warehousing;
  • Labeling;
  • Expedited Delivery;
  • Notification Services;
  • Lift-gate Delivery;
  • Weekend Deliveries;
  • Volume Truckload;
  • LTL transportation;

Being a family owned transportation company and constantly implementing innovative and strategic changes, On Time Trucking knows how to maintain the company successful, straight proportionally how to achieve growth.

In the center of your transportation needs On Time Trucking can definitely fulfill your needs and expectations.

7. Dameo Trucking

Dameo Trucking Company was incorporated in 1936, with dedication of its leaders and employees this company has achieved to become one of the best trucking companies in New Jersey.  This trucking company is well positioned in order to provide immediate transportation help and service to its customers.

10 Best Trucking Companies in New Jersey
Source: www.yelp.com

At the present time Dameo Trucking is a trucking company that aims towards economic, regulatory, and environmental changes. This trucking company is concentrated on serving the  Plastic Industry for more than 45 years. Dameo Trucking is able to do transportation of loads anywhere in the northeastern United States.

Henceforth, Dameo Trucking is operating according to the rules and regulations given from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration -FMCSA. This company is offering the following services:

  • General Transportation;
  • Bulk Shipping;
  • Packaging;
  • Warehousing;
  • Handling bulk plastics;

This trucking company is doing the packaging and warehouse services under rigorous protocol, in order to make it precise and safe. Dameo is pointing out the safety of their employees and loads as the most important goal. Their safety record is clear, that is so because they are always delivering the loads in a time-efficient manner.



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