10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio

  • Transportation of raw materials;
  • Transportation of products to distributors or customers;

Additionally their spotting service will bring you peace of mind, by that I mean that you will be informed of the whole process of transportation of your loads. This trucking company can manage in-yard and short-distance movements.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
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Another key point that is mostly overlooked by the customers when choosing a trucking company, and which is really important is the collaboration and attaining the rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Association- FMCSA.

You must admit that after reading all these positive facts about Garner Trucking you are asking yourself what is their average on-time delivery? Amazingly, the answer is 99.7 %, not only that they will deliver your loads on time but they will deliver it safe and sound, in the same condition that you gave them.

Therefore if you are looking for a company that has experienced truck drivers that are operating in a professional way- in that case Garner Trucking Company would make the perfect match.

8. Berner Trucking

Berner Trucking is among the best trucking companies in Ohio, being incorporated in 1979 like a family owned company as the years went by it has achieved enormous success. Berner Trucking is definitely offering competitive wages and professional performance.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
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Step by step, patiently and worth-fully this company has achieved to attract a lot of new customers. Almost all customers that have once put their loads and trust in the hands of this company have remained loyal to their services. That is so because of the time-efficiency and professionalism of the truck drivers and the management of Berner Trucking.

Henceforth, the main goal of this company is to provide safety , that’s why they have added various safety programs like:

  • Poor Weather Awareness Training;
  • Fatigued Driver- Awareness Training;
  • Smith System Defensive Driving Training;
  • Accident Protocol Training;

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
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Therefore, their truck drivers have obtained Class A CDL license and are well-trained, still besides that they are going on additional trainings on monthly and yearly basis. Having that knowledge and education this trucking company has became leader among transportation companies.

If we take a look back at the very beginning of this company, we can see how much this company has improved and advanced. This company back then in the 70s was operating with only 10 trucks. Surprisingly nowadays this trucking company is still serving the hazardous waste industry.

Berner Trucking is in cooperation with the following organizations:

To sum it up there is no doubt why this company is among the best trucking companies in Ohio. Berner Trucking meets the highest demands of trucking industry.

9. HY Way Trucking

Incorporated in 1980, HY Way Trucking is among the best trucking companies in Ohio. This trucking company is operating with over 100 tractors and 300 trailers.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
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HY Way Trucking is focused on the regional traffic lanes-actually on delivering the loads on time. Their truck drivers are dedicated, committed and well-educated, all of them have obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license. By giving their best when on the road their truck drivers have contributed a lot for the success of this company.

Likewise, continuous growth is the motivation for HY Way Trucking Company. This trucking company is mostly operating in the area of the Midwest. But that doesn’t mean that they are limited only on that area, this company is also operating and serving the customers in the continental area of USA as well as Canada.

Their fleet is one of the most equipped in Ohio. Their trailers are equipped with:

  • Air-ride suspension system;
  • Anti-Lock Brakes;
  • Additional gear to meet the specific demands of their customers;

When it comes to their trucks – this company owns Freightliner trucks and International tractors. All trucks are equipped with the latest technologies, they are late model power units with satellite, which helps in the load tracking.

As one of the best trucking companies in Ohio- HY Way can certainly meet your demands.

10. Mast Trucking Inc.

Mast Trucking is one of the best trucking companies in Ohio, it is a proof that family plays a big role when leading a trucking company. Founded by Willis Mast in 1969, this company has found the secret and the way how to become the essential leader in the trucking industry. The whole Mast family is oriented in this business, every member of this family contributes for its advancement.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
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Nowadays this trucking company has a fleet of more than 90 trucks and additionally to their transportation services is offering logistics. Mast Trucking has over 170 employees that are driven by the will of improvement and hard work, as well as honesty.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
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On the positive side this trucking company hires truck drivers that have obtained CDL drivers license, and provides them with additional orientation and trainings. Also their truck drivers are satisfied form the safety and respect that this company offers, as well as from the salary and the additional benefits.

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So if you are looking for a trucking company to transport your goods, Mast Trucking is a great choice. Also if you are looking for a job have in mind that Mast Trucking is constantly increasing their fleet and is offering great benefits to their truck drivers.


To sum it up, you had the chance to read this article that includes the description of the work of the 10 best trucking companies in Ohio. I believe that it will be of your great use if you are looking for a trucking company to transport your loads or if you are looking for a job opportunity in a trucking company in Ohio.

Nonetheless, if you have any previous experience as a customer or as truck driver in some of these companies, please share it with us.



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