10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

8.NAPA Transportation

NAPA Transportation was incorporated in 1991, and since then they have kept their leading motto and vision- to create a culture of family for the employees. That motto has made NAPA Transportation a one of the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

If we take a glance back in the days when this company started working, we can see how big success they have achieved. Back then this company started operating with only 4 trucks.


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Nowadays NAPA Transportation as one of the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania remain dedicated to the asset based truckload model. They have achieved to provide constant improvement and have more than 500 companies that do business daily.

These 500 companies have remained their clients with years because they recognized the quality of the services that NAPA Transportation provides.

Furthermore this company is concentrated and specialized in the transportation of food and grocery products. So it is good to emphasize that if you are in the food production business and you are looking for a company to transport your products – NAPA is the right one.

Therefore their fleet comprises of dry van trucks and refrigerated trailers. Their truck drivers are doing inspection of the trucks on regular hauling basis, so you won’t have to worry about safety and health, they manage it all.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

NAPA Transportation is constantly improving, that means that as the years go by this company is expanding their services. Since 2010 this company also has started offering logistics and brokerage solutions. They are looking forward to specialize in this area too.

9.Watsontown Trucking Company

If you have loads that need to be transported and you are searching the list with trucking companies trying to find the perfect transportation company that can meet your criteria and at the same time you want to give your trust to one of the oldest companies- do not worry i can easen you that by recommending you Watsontown Trucking Company. This company is in the trucking industry for more than 75 years.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

As one of the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania Watsontown Trucking Co. might be a good choice for you. This company has experienced drivers whom you can trust for sure.

Most of the drivers in Watsontown Trucking Company are working there for more than a decade, and that means that they are real proffessionals.

Hence, when it comes to truck drivers that are operating solo, their duties are divided and based on few industry areas:

  • Customer goods;
  • Grocery;
  • Building materials;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Specialized industry;

This company can provide you with on time freight service. Likewise another really important thing that should never be overlooked is the innovative technology that trucking companies use.

This trucking company has nailed the innovative technology for sure. Their trucks are very well equipped with the latest gadgets that truck drivers need when on the road.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

Watsontown Trucking Company divides the duties of its truck drivers by:

  • Mid-regional transportation;
  • Over the road transportation;
  • To team drivers;
  • Part time drivers;

Watsontown Trucking Company has a garage on site which is open at their disponibility 24/7. Keep in mind that their truck drivers are real professionals, and are trained to pick up and deliver the loads time-efficiently.

10.Cryogenic Transportation LLC

Cryogenic Transportation is a trucking company that has been founded in 1982. The main headquarter of this company is located in Lansdale. Cryogenic Transportation is among the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

Moreover, this trucking company has specializes in transporting industrial gases. Transporting industrial gases is really hard work and there are not many companies in this area of the trucking industry. Cryogenic Transportation is offering transportation services for:

  • Nitrogen;
  • Oxygen;
  • Argon;
  • Hydrogen;
  • Helium;
  • CO2;
  • LNG;
  • Various industrial gases.

The facilities of this company are located in a way that they can provide the best possible services to their customers. They are providing 100% level of service to every customer that they have. That’s why nowadays they have customers that are transporting gases via their company with years. Loyalty means all.

Therefore the core services of this company are:

  • Equipment leasing;
  • Logistics;
  • Cryogenic shop support;
  • Industrial gas terminal management;
  • Project collaboration;

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Cryogenic Transportation is among the most unique trucking companies in Pennsylvania, and it is really amazing how their truck drivers are fulfilling their duties.

Trucks and traffic accidents are far away from their list. So if you need transportation of industrial gases , don’t hesitate and get in touch with this company.


To sum up , in Pennsylvania there are a lot of trucking companies, but according to the most important criteria and questions I’ve chosen these 10 best trucking companies. So as we all can see that trucking business nowadays has become stable in comparison with few years ago.

Although there were a lot of ups and downs for trucking industry in the past , nowadays those things have changed a lot. As I can notice in Pennsylvania most of the companies are including the latest technology gadgets in the operations system of transportation.

All in all these 10 best trucking companies in Pennsylvania are fulfilling all the criteria that a company has to have in order to be the best. Good leading strategy, well trained professional drivers, quality trucks with the latest technology and satisfied customers is all the qualities that a successful trucking company needs.

If you have experience with some of these trucking companies from Pennsylvania please share your experience. As well if you have some other companies to add on the list of best trucking companies in that region, feel free to give us that recommendation.



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