10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy

The teamwork, the respect and integrity as values of this company have done it’s own work, and we can see that they offer ultimate quality and one of the most wanted trailers on the transportation market.

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The Ultraplate Trailer has galvanized door frame and bolted landing gear structure. A good thing to know is that you can change the panel easily if needed.

The Ultraplate trailer can give an outstanding design to your tractor.

8. The VERTEX Dry Van Trailer By Travis Body And Trailer Inc.


The new and innovative dry van trailers are always the most requested on the market. People nowadays tend to go toward new technologies and they want to put aside the old and conventional trailers.

Therefore Travis Body and Trailer Inc. are aware of that fact and that’s why they are manufacturing new lines of trailers.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.travistrailers.com

The VERTEX is their newest innovation and patent. This trailer can be made frame-type, quarter-frame and frame-less. These trailers made a huge boom on the market in 2009 and are still their best seller trailers.

What makes these trailers so winnable is that they are lightweight . The VERTEX is suitable for heavy duty because it is made from aluminum and provide ultimate security of the loads.

When we say that they are suitable for heavy work , by that we don’t mean that these trailers doesn’t have a good style. Contrary this trailer is really stylish , it has polished sides as a cosmetic look.


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Travis Body and Trailer Inc. are always producing stylish trailers that can show the real picture of the company.

This company is trustful , that’s exactly why it is in our top 10 . It is existing on the market since 1989 , and is constantly improving and making innovations.

And if you are wondering why you should choose a trailer from this manufacturer ? That should be because of their durability, stability , as well as because of their well studied designs.

9. 100.5” (TFI) Dry Van Trailer By Strick Corporation


Strict Corporation is a company that since its incorporation is constantly developing great solutions for the customers.

For their trailers they are using the latest technologies and by that they are generating success.

Strict is well known on the American market because it is the company that manufactured the first containers for international shipping. As well it is the first company that manufactured aluminum trailers.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.piratetrailer.com

The specialty of the 100.5” (TFI) trailer is that it has additional space for loads. This dry van trailer is providing ultimate safety and security , it is manufactured with steel structure .

In order for the manufacturers to reassure that the security is on the wanted level they per-welded the ends of the clips. When it comes to the doors , they are swing type with the conventional 5” construction.

Likewise they have made this trailer corrosion resistible, so no matter the weather conditions you will be able to hit the roads without any worry about the trailer.

The roof of the trailer is made with aluminum and it makes the outside cargo area to be secure and stylish. The weight of this trailer is 65.000 lbs.

10.Snack Foods Dry Van Trailer By Kentucky Trailer

As a company that is leaving global sales footprint, the Kentucky Trailer is a well known American manufacturer of trailers.

This manufacturer always knows what their customers need are, and is always adapting to the growing transportation business.

Kentucky Trailer was founded in 1879 in Louiseville , and they first started manufacturing wagons.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.kytrailer.com

Starting as a company that is manufacturing wagons throughout the years Kentucky has enlarged their production line. Now they are manufacturing specialty trailers, truck bodies and parts.

In this company you can find everything that the trucking business needs- dedication, quality , resistance and longevity.

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However, if you are operating in the food transportation business then you should take a look at the Snack Food dry trailer. It will be a great match for your tractor. It is made in a way that the truck driver can make the loading easy.

Hence, this trailer is made with a resistible, hard structure, that can be driven in different weather conditions. This trailer can meet all different specific request and needs from the customers.

In fact this company is working in a way to meet the needs of the food industry for more than fifty years. A good feature of this trailer is that it is light weighted.

Kentucky usually makes this dry van trailer in white color, but if you make a special order than they could fulfill your wish.


To summarize , in the past few years trailer manufacturers have faced a lot of ups and downs. Fortunately this year has been pretty much successful for them. Trailer manufacturers have considerably increased their income.

We can see that clearly by comparing the number of manufactured trailers in the past years and the manufactured trailers in 2016. The demand is increasing for sure, since they can be used for general cargo and heavier materials.

On the market can be found different types of trailers. That is so because different companies are using different materials.

So, there is a huge variety of choices , all you have to do is to set your budget and to determine the use of the trailer, which is very important. As well a good thing to do is to make a research and a conscious comparison and decision.

In this article we have provided you with 10 best dry van trailers that you can buy on the market nowadays. 10 different brands that are using different materials in order to make similar and functional trailers.

Some brands might suit better to your needs than others . Some brands make lighter van trailers , some make heavier van trailers. The choice is yours.



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