10 Most Important Parts of Truck Equipment

10 Most Important Parts of Truck Equipment

Regardless, make sure your lights are in working order, but at the same time don’t have so many lights so they can see you from the space station.

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Use route optimizer to avoid traffic jam

With all the advances in technology there really is no excuse for excessive delays. Of course there are those times that no matter how prepared you are things just happen.

As long as you plan ahead you can do your best to reduce if not eliminate unexpected delays.

Currently there are numerous programs and applications that can greatly aid drivers in determining potential hazards. They will record your route and constantly update.

In the event that an issue comes up, such as an accident, they can plot an alternate route. This simple step can save you time and hassle, as well as keep the customer happy.

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 GPS can protect you in case of truck theft

Speaking of technology, GSP is one the greatest tools a driver can have. Whether you’re driving across town or across the country, nothing beats a good GPS. Gone are the old days of flipping through a map book and trying to figure which unmarked building is the correct address.


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The GPS not only tells you how to get to where you’re going, it lets you know when you are there.

But even better than that the GPS can mark waypoints, pinpoint your location, and track your movements. This can be a major plus in the event your vehicle gets stolen.

Currently there are several vehicle security systems available that are connected directly to the security company.

If your truck is taken, you can check your mobile application on your phone, and contact the proper authorities before the thief even has time to check your ITunes playlist.

Getting a microwave can make you a chef

Once you got your truck back and filled out the paperwork, you’re going to want something to eat.

But unfortunately thieves work at night and most places don’t stay open all night.

The ones that do only serve meals that take time to prepare, plus you have to drive to their location.

So what’s a person to do? Well if your truck is equipped with AC adapters you could use the microwave. Why not, they are compact, simple to use, and efficient.

Instead of wasting time to find an open place, park, and wait for it to be prepared, heat something up by on your own.

Find a movie or show and relax while enjoying a hot meal in the comfort of your travelling office.

Just because you are on the route that doesn’t mean that you need to eat junk food. Eat healthy, stay healthy!

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Truck bed is your sleep country – choose the best one

Speaking of relaxing, your bed is very important. Just like you want a comfortable ride, so you go out and purchase the best captain’s chair, you make sure your tires are good and that your truck’s shocks are the best.

Why not do the same for your bed?

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Proper rest is essential for anyone who drives for a living. There are different reports recommending six to eight hours of continuous sleep.

Nothing is worse than being tired and trying to sleep on and uncomfortable bed.

So it is highly recommended that you invest in a good sleep system. Your body will thank you.

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Well, as I said from the start, people might have differing opinions about what they think is the most important part. But everyone will agree; keeping your vehicle in proper condition, maintaining the tires, mirrors, lights, and making your journey as comfortable as possible are all equally important.

OTR Drivers job can be a good opportunity for you, but before you step the stone and get into it, you have to know all that its takes to becoming one!

What would you recommend? What kind of creature comforts do you like to have? Share your thoughts and ideas.



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