10 Interesting Facts About a Box Truck

They are better when it comes to operating as well, because typically you don’t need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), though it is highly recommended that you check with your state’s legal requirements for operating commercial vehicles.

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8. Box Truck Issues

For every good point obviously there are some bad as well. For one thing a box truck is smaller, therefore they carry less freight.

This might not be an issue if your dock is close to your customers or you have a large fleet.

They are still larger than the typical automobile so make sure you / your drivers are comfortable driving this type of truck.

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Another issue that will affect deliveries with a box truck is the height. They are lower (from the ground to the floor) than the average semi truck and most docks are designed for larger trucks.

Now of course they do make special ramps and such to accommodate the smaller box truck but you still need to be aware of this.

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9. Box Truck Maintenance

No article would be complete with the mentioning of truck maintenance. Maintaining your box truck is no more or less important than maintaining any other vehicle or piece of equipment in your inventory. A properly well maintained box truck will save you money in the long run.

There are several areas to check while conducting inspections. Some of these should be done at almost every stop while others must follow a routine schedule. But here are some of the basic items:

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Of course they are other areas to be concerned with but if these are properly looked after the rest will not become bigger issues later. The good dispatcher should also be aware of all maintenance schedule, you don’t want them dispatching a box truck when it is in the shop.

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10. Box Truck New or Used?

Just like when you purchase any piece of equipment or vehicle you have several options available to you. This is no different with the purchase of a box truck. Before you race off to buy one, check the prices online. Get a good idea of what the average price, in your area, is. And you can find dealers that will have what you are looking for.


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When it comes to buying or leasing a box truck, it’s a toss-up. Now you have the option to buy a new box truck. You can buy it outright, make monthly payments, or lease the vehicle.

The same can be for a used one. The difference is with a new box truck it still has the factory warranties and such. If you buy from a dealership make sure they offer a good warranty.

Buying from a private seller won’t give you any warranty in most of the cases.

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If you buy used, make sure you know the driving and maintenance history of the box truck.

Also a used vehicle might be cheaper at the moment of purchase, but could cost you more with hidden maintenance issues, and that way you will have to visit the diesel truck repair shop a lot more often then you’ve planed.

So always have the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a certified mechanic.

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A box truck is a great addition to any organization’s fleet. Though they might not have the CDL requirement, the commercial use of the box truck is still regulated by the federal government, and enforce at the state and local levels.

Have you driven a box truck? What suggestions might you have to share with a new or inexperienced driver? As always share your thoughts and suggestions.



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