10 Steps How to Find A Discount Tire

10 Secret Steps How to Find A Discount Truck Tire

Of course you should be well informed, but beyond the basics can be a bit more than you really need when buying a discount tire. A tire shop will help you to understand everything you need or want to know. Typically you can choose between all-season, winter or summer tires. And of course there might be extended tread, extended warranties, and other options when getting a discount tire.

Always ask and research before making a purchase for your discount tire!

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5. Before Getting A Discount Tire Check Your Wheels/Rims

I touched on rims earlier, but the manufacturer makes a standard model based on the vehicle. You have the option to buy aftermarket rims and accessories, this is actually one of the most common things people do to customize their truck. So, remember to check them before you get a discount tire.

If you do get custom rims don’t forget that they should be practical, especially for commercial use. Something to consider is matching the original manufacturer’s size. The new rims may look great but they might not be right for your truck and needs.

Basically with a larger wheel you’ll end up needing a discount tire with a smaller aspect ratio. This can reduce turning and hamper handling of the vehicle. It can add to the wear and tear of the tires, and other components. Plus, they larger sidewalls actually aid in the comfort and handling of the vehicle. In fact they have an adverse effect on the suspension and reduce your fuel mileage.

It goes without saying, that this is truly something you will need to research. You might think you have saved money by getting a discount tire only to spend more by fixing other issues. Never sacrifice safety or handling just for the sake of a good appearance.

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6. Try To Buy A Set Or More, Not Just One Discount Tire

I have been looking at the potential saving and considerations with getting a discount tire. But really you should never try to save money by getting a single discount tire. People will replace just the tire that is the worst, but that only creates other potential issues.

It goes same for almost all of your most important parts of truck equipment. Buying tires in bulk can save you lots of money. The same goes for buying sets of truck shocks, mirrors, truck horns, trailer tires and truck lights

The way the current vehicle designs and suspension systems are designed they work best when both the right and left are balanced. This is of course done by purchasing your discount tire as a set; instead of an individual (usually there is added cost savings as well). Sometimes it might be in your best interests to replace all your tires. This might be expensive, but if you found a discount tire, the savings can really add up.

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7. When Getting A Discount Tire, Don’t Forget To Check Your Spare

People have a tendency to forget about the spare. Now you might not think it’s practical to consider the spare. But this is actually the best time to get it inspected, and if you need to buy a discount tire, why not make sure your spare is good?

You try to get the same size, make and model of discount tire for your spare as the others. It might not seem noticeable, but actually not all tires are the same and your suspension will know the difference.

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8. You Can Find A Discount Tire Over The Internet (Online)

The great thing about the world we live in is the internet. Just think it wasn’t that long ago that you could look something up online, you have to physically go to the shop and see the item. But, now when you shop for a discount tire you search numerous websites and find the best deal.

Of course you will still need these to be mounted, balanced, and installed but most tires shop will do that for you. Some will even work out special arrangements. Other will match the price of the discount tire if you have the work done in their shop. You might be able to really save some big money!

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9. Break In Your Discount Tire Properly

Something most of us are not aware of is the manufacturing process. There is a special release agent that they use when making the tires. Often there is a slight residue left on the tires, this may cause them to have less of a grip, until it wears off.  This will be true regardless if you bought a discount tire or one at full price.


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It is highly recommended that you allow for them to break in, usually this is within 500 miles.  They recommend to no pushing on your tires with hard corners or sudden stops until after this safety window has expired.

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10. Maintain Your Discount Tire

Maintenance is a key. So always check your tires, especially the pressure. This will greatly reduce the wear and tear of the tires and will actually improve your gas mileage and stop the fuel misuse, which will also add to your savings. They also recommend having your tires balanced and rotated every time you have a truck oil change.

Don’t forget to check tread depth, uneven wear, and other signs that your tire might be bad.

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There are many places to go to find a discount tire. You can go to many of the retailers, specialty shops, and look online. But remember if you buy a discount tire but don’t check for other issues it will cost you more in the long run.

If you would like to learn more about the discount tire, well actually all tires in general, you can check out the Tire Industry Association. There you can find many useful tips and recommendations about the various tire manufacturers, safety, and all things tire related.



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