50 Things To Check Before Buying Used Flatbed Trailer

10 Secret Things to Know When Buying Flatbed Trailer


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There is all kind of tarpaulins you can find on the market now and it all depends what is the environment they are exposed, what is the level of protection, what is the size of surface and so on. Getting this tarpaulin will allow you to carry the loads that need to be protected from the outside weather during the transportation but it will also increase the load per mile price you can get.

10. Often You Will Need To Install Trailer Tracking Devices

Another thing to have in mind is trailer tracking devices. To carry the most demanding and expensive loads brokers will require you to have a tracking devices in your trucks or flatbed trailers installed. Benefits of these types of devices are multiple but there is also additional cost that needs to be calculated.

Flatbed Trailer6Source: www.gpstrackersaustralia.com

The extra cost itself it is not that big thing but still you need to account for extra $10 a month for this kind of options. This kind of services will position you as a top flatbed trucking company and you will be able to compete for the best paid loads and your load price will grow high up.

When deciding which one to buy have in mind that there is a lot of options available but I would suggest you to buy only 3G devices because 2G network is being shut down in 2017 and you don’t want to be in situation that you invest a lot of money in equipment that will be dead in a year.







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