10 Tips To Avoid Legal Claims When Applying GPS Employee Tracking

So, carrying the burden of unproductive colleagues will be long left in the past.


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With GPS employee tracking company owners and the overall management will be in the position to track the behavior of their drivers all the time. That way they will be able to spot specific driver performance issues and to solve them.

Increase Driver Safety

As previously mentioned, by implementing GPS employee tracking company owners will be able to spot specific driver performance issues- by that drivers can be put under severe pressure to do their job in a quicker way than before.

On the other hand, the drivers should respect the rules and regulations. The GPS employee tracking device is automatically recording the speeding into the tracker system.

So, here we can see that company owner and the management team can put their drivers into the most effective routes and by that they can ease the time pressure on their drivers.

Retain your Customers

Retaining your customers should be a high priority, both for you as a company owner and to your drivers. So thanks to the GPS device you can track your employees much easier.

In addition, drivers can have input and get can see any changed on the routes that can enable them to save time, and by that to improve customer service.

Protection against False Claims

GPS trackers can be the perfect tools for protection against false claims.

Moreover, thanks to the GPS solution and all the data that these devices are gathering, will provide evidence that the driver has done their job correctly, since all the data that the GPS tracker provides can show exactly when the vehicles are coming to the warehouses/offices, and when are coming to the customer’s address.

Track Service Time Accurately

As part of the benefits that you as a company owner will get to enjoy includes tracking the service time of your drivers and the time accuracy too.

That will be performed through electronic verification of the service time.

Increase Profits All Around

Ensuring job security and potential for improved pay and conditions can be achieved with the implementation of the GPS tracking device.

Incentivise Improvement

You as a company owner can at the same time with the implementation of the GPS device to incentivize improvement in your company.

In other words, GPS tracking can provide enhanced performance measurement which later on can lead to new incentives for your employees.

On the other hand, it can improve and boost the productivity.



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Moreover, the benefits that the GPS tracking technology can provide you with are inevitable. Yet what you should do is to keep your business ahead of the curve by getting informed about the laws in your state and in the industry in which you are operating in.

Tip: Always check whether there are any possible restrictions related to GPS monitoring.

4. Know The Potential Risks Form GPS employee tracking

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These days there are not a lot of federal and state rules, more precisely statutes that prohibit or overcasts the use of the GPS for tracking employees.

In reality, the company might face potential risks of legal claims from employees who consider that their privacy is under violation.

5. Employee Monitoring and Workplace Privacy Laws

Employee monitoring and workplace privacy laws should always be respected by all companies that are implementing these solutions.

Therefore, due to the fast development of tracking technologies federal and regulatory bodies have issued additional privacy rights for the employees who are being tracked.

GPS employee tracking contract
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Moreover, monitoring employees, in general, is not something new. There were companies implementing these technologies decade ago. Still, we must not forget that employee tracking and monitoring simply lay in the heart of the legal and privacy issues of every company.

The big data that GPS employee tracking brings to companies bring them more efficient and more profitable working environment.

Yet, on the other hand, if the employer is simply obeying all monitoring rules, then the employee must adapt to it and to simply perform his/her duties normally.


Hey! I'm George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

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6. Common Law GPS Principles and Policies

As mentioned before, employees are enjoying a big protection from the common law GPS principles that are being issued by the main federal and state bodies.

Source: officialnotes.blogspot.mk

So, the common law GPS principles are protecting the employees from the following situation:

  • Tracking where there is not a reasonable expectation or privacy;
  • Intentional invasion or intrusion;
  • Tracking employees’ movement at all the times;

Having in mind that the workplace privacy and employee monitoring are a more challenging area of the law than ever before, puts employers in a stricter situation when implementing GPS employee tracking.

GPS employee tracking privacy policy
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Moreover, both the employer and the employee should adapt and comply with the evolving regulations, technology as well as laws.

So, it leads businesses to consider the following policies:

  • Social Media Policy;
  • Written Information Security Program;
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Policy;
  • Electronic Communication Policy;
GPS employee tracking locked
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As we can conclude, employers’ morale becomes important consideration on the points how and whether to monitor the employees.

7. Combat Employee Resistance

Companies can combat employee resistance by revealing them the benefits that they can enjoy.

Source: www.hsph.harvard.edu

The benefits that companies get from the implementation of GPS employee tracker are numerous, and we have all know which the benefits are.

But, not all employees have the essential information about the benefits that they are going to experience. Most commonly that is the real reason behind GPS employee resistance.

GPS employee tracking
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So, you as the owner or fleet manager should do is to try to increase employee accountability. At the same time by doing so, the company will reassure to avoid any further legal claims.

On the other hand, if you are operating with the GPS employee tracking as you should, according to the rules and regulations, as well as by respecting your employees, then you will see the future satisfaction of your employees.



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