10 Tips How To Choose The Best Truck MattressThe Best Truck Mattress

10 Tips How To Choose The Best Truck Mattress

Choose the best options for your truck mattress

When picking the truck mattress you do have several options to consider, air beds, innerspring, memory foam, latex and the list goes one, heck you might even find a waterbed! But remember it all goes back to getting the best night’s sleep. Metal coils for example can be noisy. Other designed are prone to sagging. So if at all possible test a few out before deciding.

Choose your truck mattress from an online store

Although I just suggested testing it before you purchase your truck mattress that might always be the best option, because many times you can look online and find some great deals and discounts. Many times the specialty shops and outlets offer huge discounts, especially when they are changing out their models. You might find a discontinued model with huge cut in price.

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Choose the best quality truck mattress

When picking a truck mattress quality really does matter. That doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive. Instead it just means the one with the best rating. Visit the product reviews and speak with other truckers to find out what type of truck mattress they have. Perhaps they can even give you some tips on where to shop. After all you’re going to sheets, pillows, and blankets designs and materials that you prefer.

Choose a retailer that offers a guarantee for your truck mattress

This is very important. “Why,” you ask? Well if you bought a truck mattress that just isn’t comfortable or perhaps isn’t the right fit for your model of truck, you need to be able to return it.


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Now, if you bought something on sale or a closeout item, well this might be an issue. But still try and get one with either a money back guarantee or at least will allow you to exchange it. Remember to keep your receipt as well.

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Choose the best bedding for your truck mattress

Always get fitted sheets for your truck mattress. They are great because they won’t come up while you’re sleeping. Flannel is nice for those cold winter nights. Cotton always feels good as well. But make sure you have enough to be able to change out your sheets, have some extra blankets as well. One other thing that people don’t think about is their pillow. Make sure to get a good pillow that will properly support your neck while you sleep.


By some estimates it is thought perhaps 1 out of 10 truck drivers don’t get proper rest while out on the road. The University of Pennsylvania conducted a study and found that almost 13% of truckers regularly skimped on their sleep. This can create a very dangerous condition for all drivers on the road. If there was an accident and it was determined that lack of sleep was the cause, it can drastically affect the driver and your company’s safety rating as well.

Although everyone’s own needs are different, according to the National Sleep Foundation about 7-8 hours of steady sleep is recommended. For more information about sleep tips for truck drivers the CDC has a great link here.

What tips do you have? What kind of truck mattress do you have? Do you try to get enough rest? Have you ever fallen asleep behind the wheel? Read our article on how to keep your eyes open while you are driving. Share your thoughts and stories with us.



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