10 Tips To Find Perfect Driving Shoes

10 Tips To Find Perfect Driving Shoes

However the driving shoe insoles need to be treated to keep the right shape:

  • Wash your driving shoe insoles: you needed to wash them on time and dry them properly
  • Air them after every day: your feet are sweating in the shoes so you need to air them after every wear. In this way, the surface of the insole and the shoe can dry properly.

9.  Rotate Your Driving Shoes

Another way to save your driving shoes for a longer period of time is to buy 2 or 3 pairs and rotate them. This technique will help the shoes to dry out completely between rotations. Most of the truck drivers buy one pair of driving shoes and wear them until they are not wearable anymore.

10 Tips To Find Perfect Driving ShoesSource: www.redwing.getoutsideshoes.com

Avoid this mistake and rotate your shoes from time to time. Additional shoe insoles will protect them more so you can enjoy perfect driving shoes for a longer period of time.

10.  Maintain Your Driving Shoes

At last, when you found the perfect driving shoes, you need to maintain them to increase the durability.

10 Tips To Find Perfect Driving ShoesSource: www.rideapart.com

  • Dry them on time – after every use remove the insoles from the shoe and fill the shoe with newspaper to drain the moisture from the inside
  • Clean them – you need to clean your shoes frequently to prevent bacteria
  • Treat them – if the shoes are made of leather you need to treat them properly. Applying wax or shoe oil on the driving shoes will provide softness which will prevent the leather of cracking.


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Additional Advice

According to the United States Department of Labor, proper driving shoes are important for the feet and for the rest of the body too. Some of the drivers think that it is ok to drive a semi truck or any vehicle with sandals, flip flops or barefooted.

10 Tips To Find Perfect Driving ShoesSource: www.biggexpress.com

The risk is huge because the flip-flop can slip off the pedal or can be stuck in between the pedal and the foot and that is a huge reason for catastrophe. Also as I mentioned before the risk of hurting your feet is big when you do not have proper protecting driving shoes.


There are a lot of regulations to increase the safety of the truck drivers and the load and none of them is more important than the stability of your feet that controls the truck during driving and protects you while unloading the load.

The feet are getting tired only if we seat in the chair for a few hours and how tired can become during 10 hours of driving and controlling the truck. Finding the perfect driving shoes is 50% of your security on the road.



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