10 Tips How to Hire Best Truck Drivers

Tip: This step should not be revealed to the truck drivers in advance.

Hire Best Truck Drivers Tip No.10: 90 Day Review

It is recommendable that all truck drivers include a 90-day review in their routine.

The 90 review routine should be dedicated to a newly hired truck driver. It is trucking company owner’s responsibility to invite the truck driver to sit down with the management team and to discuss his first three months of employment.

Simply said, the trucking company owner, the management team and the truck driver should make a brief evaluation.

Source: www.dditransportation.com

In fact, the 90-day review is a simple and informal meeting to see how the truck driver is ok with the culture of the trucking company and with the job that he is doing.


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Trucking companies should always pay attention to Truckers’ comments and concerns.

Remember: The process of hiring best truck drivers is not as much complex as it is to retain them into your trucking company.


To enumerate, the process that trucking companies are going through in order to hire best truck drivers is pretty much complex. I strongly believe that this article will meet your way, and not only that, I do believe that it will help you choose the best truckers.

To hire best truck drivers is a big challenge that all trucking companies should take!

If you have already hired the best truck drivers in the industry, please share your secret with us, share what it takes to find the very best of the best.

All in all, trucking companies that have hired the best truck drivers should never overlook them, instead they should put enough effort and try to retain them in the company!



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