10 Tips To Know When Using Fuel Transfer Tank

10 Tips To Know When Using Fuel Transfer Tank

But you can find some basic models for around $300, but you should really expect to be more for a quality fuel transfer tank. Of course they can go well over $1000, again depending on what you need.

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7. Care And Maintenance Of A Fuel Transfer Tank

This is fairly basic and simple. A fuel transfer tank is like any other. Use it only for what the purpose of it is -carrying extra fuel. Keep the lid closed tight when not adding fuel. Keep water out of the tank and be especially careful when you do truck wash. Add cleaners and detergents only as recommended by the manufacturer. Take care of your fuel transfer tank and it will serve you well.

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8. Watch For Water In Your Fuel Transfer Tank

Though, I mentioned water above in the previous subsection, I have a feeling that it needed to be its own section. This is because water in your fuel is very serious! This is as true for a fuel transfer tank as it is for just the normal tank you find on your car or motorcycle. Water in your fuel transfer tank is a major problem and must be handled immediately.


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How does water enter your tank? As you know fuel is a liquid, it could just be natural condensation due to the weather. Water could have been in the fuel at the service station when you filled up. It happens. So here are a few symptoms that might mean you have water in your fuel.

  • When you accelerate there is noticeable hesitation.
  • You may experience almost violent changes in your speed.
  • Or you may have the reverse effect, your vehicle will sputter.

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Now these can of course be a sign of other mechanical issues. But it wouldn’t hurt to check your fuel, especially if your vehicle was running fine prior to the fuel purchase.

So if your fuel transfer tank does have water in it, what can you do? The most obvious, but not always practical, is to replace the bad fuel with fresh fuel. Remember if there is water in the tank, you could cause more damage to your truck by running it with bad fuel.


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Another common solution is to use a fuel additive, such as Heet , a fuel additive that is used for removing the excessive water from a fuel tank.

But this really depends on the amount of actual water in the tank. It doesn’t take much to mess with your performance. If you do have an excessive amount then you will need to drain the tank and let it dry. Any certified mechanic can perform this for you.

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9. Will installing A Fuel Transfer Tank Void My Factory Warranty?

This is something to be very mindful about. Earlier I stated that an individual could install a fuel transfer tank him/herself, which, in most cases, is true. But you might void out your vehicle’s factory warranty. Therefore it is highly recommended that you have your fuel transfer tank installed only by trained certified professional.

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It you have the fuel transfer tank installed correctly, by the proper technicians than you should not have any issues. But you should always check, and insist on this in writing. So if there was an issue the installer would then be responsible.

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10. Other Considerations Regarding A Fuel Transfer Tank

Well remember a fuel transfer tank can be a good addition to your vehicle. Just like it is to have a great truck toolbox, fancy LED lights, new cool truck mirrors or any other additional important equipment for your truck But make sure the fuel transfer tank has a warranty. And make sure the tank adheres to all federal, state, and local regulations. Get one that is designed for your needs and type of truck.

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We covered a lot of basic information about the fuel transfer tank, and I know there is even more information available, all you need to do is to go and research online to find pretty much everything you need.

I hope this article is beneficial to you and your operations. Regardless if it is for professional or personal use, a fuel transfer tank might be what you need, especially if you travel long distances in remote places. Another reason for the fuel transfer tank is when hauling heavy loads. Then your vehicle will burn more fuel and here is where the fuel transfer tank comes handy till the next truck stop. This reduces the distance you can travel on a full tank.

Do you have a fuel transfer tank? Was it aftermarket or included at the factory? You ever run out of gas and wish you had an extra tank? Tell us your stories.



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