10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck

10 Tips To Buy Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck

Check The Condition Of The Extended Cabin Truck If Buying A Used One

Whenever a person buys something used, especially a previously owned vehicle, or sleeper or extended cabin truck, they check it out. Or you should (if you don’t). You should check the trailer and truck tires for even and proper wear and tear.

Check the oil and make sure it doesn’t have a burn smell. Listen to the truck’s engine to ensure it sounds right. Actually the best thing you can do is have a properly trained certified mechanic inspect it for you.

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You will also want to look around and make sure there are no visible signs of rust or other body damage. The paint tends to fade, so look closely at the top of the roof and hood. Check all of your latches, hooks, and fasteners for proper connections. Inspect all the compartments, making sure there are no cracks or other issues.

Have your mechanic inspect the trailer and truck’s brakes, the exhaust system, drive train, and even the frame. “Why the frame,” you ask? You don’t want a sleeper or extended cabin truck that has been in an accident. So check with the previous owner to see what kind of maintenance logs and schedules they kept.

Remember, you get a Carfax report on a used vehicle, yes even class 8 trucks!

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck
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Check The Extended Cabin Truck Mattress

Now there is nothing more important than getting your proper rest. So when you are considering your purchase of a sleeper or extended cabin truck consider this. I know the reality isn’t always as they say it should be. By this I am referring to the getting a good eight hours of proper sleep every night and all of that.

However, you should get good rest when you can. There are several ways to ensure this such as: eat right and do some fitness, don’t consume too much alcohol, and don’t drink tons of caffeine right before bed. So yes diet and exercise is essential to getting good rest. Do you know what another important requirement for good rest is?

Having the right truck mattress! So often we don’t think about this. If you are like most of us you push your hand on the mattress and decide whether it is good enough or not.

But how often have you woken up feeling stiff or sore? Or even worse, woken up feeling more tired than when you laid down? So invest in a good mattress, you’ll be glad you did.

Remember, a good mattress is not enough; you need a good pillow and decent bedding as well.

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck
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Check Extended Cabin Truck Length

Each sleeper or extended cabin truck is designed and laid out differently. Every manufacturer has their own way of doing it, whether it is Freightliner, Volvo, Peterbilt, or whoever. So decide what you need and what will work best for you.

Something else to consider as well is that different states has different restrictions on size, length, weight and etc.

Now this might not pertain to you and where you work but it could if you go where ever the load is. The Ice Road up north might not hold the weight of your truck (when including the cab, trailer, and the load), if you have a ridiculously huge sleeper or extended cabin truck.

Also there might be restrictions on the trailer size you can haul, if your cab is too big. This can affect your weight limit at the weigh stations and scales. Another consideration is the overall length, when combine the tractor and the trailer.

Remember, something else to consider in the size of the truck’s bed; will you fit comfortable when you are stretched out?

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck
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Check Semi Truck Sleeper Accessories

Accessories have really changed over the years. No, I am not referring to your belt, trucker hat, and wallet chain. I am referring to the little comforts found within your sleeper or extended cabin truck. Years ago just having storage compartments and decent mattress was good. Then came things like 110 electric adapters and refrigerators.

Now they have all kinds of things and electronic gadgets for truckers, which were more like science fiction just a few short years ago. But, flat screen TVs, IPod adaptors, rechargers for your devices, and even Wi-Fi are all becoming part of the new normal. It can be great and confusing at the same time.


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After all, only you know what you need! Perhaps you’re a big gamer and enjoy World of Warcraft. Or you are a movie junky and spend your free time downloading trucking movies or any kind of movies from Netflix or ITunes. Whatever you are needing it can be included!

Remember, if your do use the internet a lot make sure your plan works with how much time you travel and where you travel, you don’t want added roaming or other fees.

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck
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Check Sleeper Truck Interior Condition

Something most of us do is then sit inside and see how it ‘feels’. We look around the cab, but usually that is about it. We give a basic cursory glance at best.

No, actually you really need to inspect the interior, the cushions, the floor mats and carpets, the gloves box and other storage compartments. Check out the mattress, check the trucks lights, and everything else you can see feel and touch.

Look in the hard to reach places, check the ashtray, behind the dash, and any other place that things could have fallen or spilled on/in. Make sure the fuse box and the electrical wiring checked. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to run a voltmeter on all the outlets, both ac and dc.

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck
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After all, this is going to be your home away from home, so you better inspect it like your mother-in-law is coming over for the first time! Because you don’t want any surprises. Nothing worse than crack seals, that leak when it rains.



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