Cloud based solutions for the truck driving industry

10 Tools Everyone in the Truck Driving Industry Should Be Using

For example, company drivers have to send invoices to their owners for review and approval, so, what a better means and way for to do that than with document imaging.

In the light of that, truck drivers can image an invoice and send it to their owners via document sharing imaging.

Henceforth, this tool has definitely a great impact on the efficiency and transparency of trucking companies.

Document search and retrieval

Document imaging is at the same time facilitating its retrieval.

Furthermore, trucking companies by using document imaging are at the same time enabled to start the process called indexing. Indexing is, in fact, a process which is used to provide descriptive information about a given image.


Equally important, with the help of document imaging trucking companies will be in the position to improve their document search and retrieval at the same time. They will be able to get to a particular document by using the document metadata.

3. Live Shipping Rates

Is your company operating on pricing estimates? Or old rates?

Well, it is time to stop wasting your money and try to take your trucking business to another level. For the aim of that, I would recommend you to take into consideration live shipping rates.

As I said, trucking companies nowadays can enjoy the benefits that live shipping rates and other carrier management features can bring them.


The best way for trucking companies to convert and attract more shippers into buyers is by providing the lowest possible shipping costs. So, trucking companies by using real-time quotes can get the real picture of the shipping charges they are going to face with.

Moreover, live shipping rates can as well provide transparency in shipping cost. Right away you will notice how your relationship with the customers is improving.

Thereupon, live shipping rates can provide you different shipping options.

4. Fully Integrated Accounting

Let me guess, you are operating on multiple systems and that is leading you to a delay between the invoices and the accounting system?

If it is the case, then you should try to use a fully integrated accounting software.

A fully integrated accounting system represents a software which is standardizing the disseminating financial information and transactions.


The fully integrated accounting software will save you both money and time, by at the same time getting directly connected to the deliveries and invoicing.

Here is a list of the best accounting and invoicing software for trucking companies:

The best accounting and invoicing software for trucking company can be easily interconnected with the reporting activities of a trucking company in different functional areas of the trucking business. Including the front and back office as well as the sales/customers.

5. In-Cab Technology

Having visibility and access to information is of a great importance for truck drivers. So, it is leading us to in-cab technology.

Henceforth, by In-cab technology, I refer to tablets, GPS devices, and tracking software.

These are the crucial tools that everyone in the truck driving industry should be using on a daily basis. These are the tools that will enable truck drivers to work according to the given plan and to deliver the loads to the precise location on time and in a safe manner.


Equally important part of the in-cab technology is the Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi networks are in fact becoming prevalent these days.

Thanks to Wi-Fi networks truck drivers can gain operational efficiencies and to perform the transportation process at a low cost.


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Also, we are all aware of the lifestyle that truck drivers are leading, especially of the lifestyle that over the road truck drivers are leading.

So, they are far away from home for days, weeks and even months, but thanks to the in-cab mobile communication technologies their lifestyle are made easier.

That means that truck drivers nowadays can be virtually at home- which makes their work way easier than before.

6. Fleet Management Software

Nevertheless, trucking companies these days have started using fleet management software for accomplishing a series of specific tasks that they are facing with on a daily basis.

But, what does fleet management software stand for?

Well, a fleet management software is a computer software that can help you run your trucking company more efficiently.


Thereupon, the fleet management software can help trucking companies to encompass all operations, starting from vehicle maintenance to vehicle disposal.

Let me be more precise, the fleet management software is ideal for trucking companies because it will enable them to process, store, gather as well as report different types of information.

All these information can be imported from:

  • Territorial authorities for managing vehicle registration;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Territorial authorities;
  • External sources;
  • Mapping systems;
  • Insurance databases;
  • Vehicle specification databases;

So the fleet management software as a tool that everyone in the truck driving industry should be using, can be developed in-house or can be purchased from a third party.

Yet, what a fleet management software should include?


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A fleet management software should include the following features:

  • Complete vehicle equipment life-cycle management;
  • Shop scheduling;
  • Warranty;
  • Claims tracking;
  • Robust work;

Thereupon, if a trucking company wants to experience success then it should try to implement effective software tools to proactively manage its costs.

7. ELD Mandate Solutions

ELD Mandate Solutions or also known as Electronic Logging Device is a DOT-certified electronic hardware which truck drivers should connect to the vehicle’s engine in order to keep a record of driving hours.

So, with the help of the ELD mandate solution truck drivers can track their Hours of service compliance-HOS.


The main features of the ELD mandate are:

  • Letting easier approach for truck drivers to log in and select on-duty/off-duty or on-duty/not driving;
  • Recording of trucks’ activity, whether it is in motion- by connecting it to trucks’ engine;
  • Vehicle movement drive segments;

Hence, ELD mandate can improve the safety as well.

8. Fuel Optimization Tool

Did you know that there is a fuel optimization tool that can bring you up to $300 on a monthly basis?



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