10 Best Truck Parts Stores And Chains Nationwide

9. Canadian Tire Truck Parts Stores

Canadian Tire Corporation is truly Canada’s most popular automotive retailers. They are the country’s largest with more than 1,700 retail stores across from coast-to-coast employing over 68,000 people! They offer everything from basic automotive needs to apparel. Canadian tire was founded in 1922 and have remained a strong supporter of the automotive industry, helping them to grow and better serve you.

The good thing is their size and availability. A bad point is that they don’t cater specifically to the commercial or trucking industry. However, you should definitely pay them a visit and you might be able to find the exact truck part you were looking for!

10 Best Truck Parts Stores And Chains Nationwide
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10. Paccar Truck Parts Stores

Paccar was originally founded in 1905 as the Seattle Car Manufacturing Company, specializing in the rail and logging industries. But it wasn’t until after World War Two that they really expanded into commercial trucking market. Paccar parts are a global leader in the production and sales of aftermarket DAF, Kenworth and Peterbilt parts around the world.


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So if you need a truck part for your DAF, this might be the place where you will find it!

The good thing is that they do cater to the commercial and trucking industries. One of the bad points is they are more specialized in their brand.

10 Best Truck Parts Stores And Chains Nationwide
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Automotix Truck Parts Stores
Automotix is an online store offering all kinds of great stuff, both new and used. They work with individual as well as with dealers and brokers to bring the best truck parts and services to those who need it most. Go to their site to find everything from engines to cosmetic accessories.
The good point is that they offer a lot and have many great options. The bad is they an e-store and so everything gets shipped or arrangements need to be made.

10 Best Truck Parts Stores And Chains Nationwide
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Though not all of these cater specifically to the commercial trucking industry they do offer most of the truck parts you might need. The best part is that most of these are nationwide so you know that you can trust them to have the products you depend on. But, as I said earlier you still might choose to go to the truck stop for your basic needs. Things like changing oil on your truck and windshield washer fluid can actually be found most anywhere.

If you can’t find a shop that specializes in the trucking and commercial vehicles, go to the local auto parts store, they just might have what you need. But there is another hidden benefit to visiting automotive stores, that cater to all and not specifically commercial or trucking industries. Now I know you’re asking- “What could that be”? Well they will be able to direct you to the right shops where you will be able to find the truck part you need, or to the best mechanics. If you go into a regular retail store or convenient store chances are they won’t know. But a decent auto parts store should be far more familiar with such things.

Now, these are brick and mortar locations. There are of course numerous online stores that offer every truck part you need. If you are shopping for chrome accessories or trucker movies or even trucker hats regardless if you are looking for big trucker hats or funny trucker hats, you can find that stuff without ever leaving the sleeping compartment. But if you are needing wiper blades, oil, discount tires, or other things you might need a physical store. Also there are numerous specialty shops that cater specifically to the trucking industry.

As I said this are only a handful of automotive stores that I choose to write about today that sell truck parts. Many more are out there, if you know where to look or take the time to Google them. Of course some are smaller or more regional other carry a little something for everyone and not only truck parts, so it really depends on what you need at the time, as well, as you personal preferences.

What is your favorite truck parts store? Do you have a place that you must visit when you get the chance or when you are looking for any particular truck part you want to replace? Is there a truck parts store that you would warn others to stay away from? Share your thoughts and ideas with us!



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