100 Best Tools To Run Trucking Business

100 Best Tools To Run Trucking Business

5. Roadmiral

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 Roadmiral is Innovative Fleet Software Developing Company, since its incorporation this company aims to give to their customers the software solutions that they are looking for. This company has achieved enormous success thanks to their custom products as well as services development. Roadmiral is that kind of a company that is constantly integrating key patents.

6. TruckTrack

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 TruckTrack is one of the best fleet management software solutions that are created in order to manage the loads easily. Therefore, have also developed mobile app that enables truck drivers to sign documents on the phone as well as to send pickup and delivery instructions.

7. Internet Truck Stop

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 Internet Truck Stop or Truckstop is one of the best fleet management software providers. Also this provider is among the biggest and largest credit reporting entity in the trucking industry. Internet Truck Stop is helping in the whole process of loading and unloading as well with these software truck drivers will be able to keep accurate records starting from the driver logs up to the expenses.

8. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Fleet Maintenance Pro or Innovative Maintenance Systems is one of the leasers in providing maintenance management software solutions. With their software solutions Fleet Maintenance Pro is facilitating their users to maximize their update and efficiency. Keeping track with your facility, machinery, trucks as well as tools will be very easy with the innovative maintenance solutions of Fleet Maintenance Pro.

9. Vehicle Fleet Manager

Vehicle Fleet Manager is among the best leaders in the fleet maintenance software. The aim of VFM is to service the trucking industry; moreover this software can fit small, medium, as well as large fleets. This software will let their users keep track of the maintenance from maintenance records up to fuel statistics.

10. Gurtam

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 For more than 13 years Gurtam has remained in the software engineering business and has specialized in GPS tracking. Their GPS tracking software is mostly used in the trucking industry but also its use can meet the demands of delivery services,oil companies, secret services. Gurtam has development centers in USA, Middle East, Europe, Australia and South America.

Best ELD Mandate Solutions

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KIN is a software that is suitable for trucking companies, at the same time this intuitive HR software will meet the requirements for the ELD Mandate Solutions. With this software all truck drivers will be able to manage their data and files without the need of papers, this method of managing the information will bring more time to truck drivers as well they will have clearer picture of all the information thanks to its onboarding feature.

2.Viewpoint 5.0

Viewpoint is reporting tool which is easy to use, its main aim is to provide its users with intelligent way of keeping their data and a better and more time-efficient way of organizing their duties. One of the best features of this software is that it allows multile users to be logged in in the same time, all of them can report their information and responsabilities.


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3.Truck Logistics

If you are looking for a way to make your business more efficient and to meet the requirements of the ELD mandate, in that case I would like to recommend you Truck Logistics. With this software trucking companies as well as the truck drivers will be in a better position to manage the busines in one place. This software also features: dispatch, LTL, Invoice, and Multi-User Access.

4.Telenav Enterprise

Being among the best ELD mandate solutions- Telenav Enterprise Business Solutions can meet your way and show you the way how to increase the visabilityand the control of your fleet. With Telenav you will have an easy acess to the exact location of each of your trucks.

5.Avaal Express

Avaal would make a perfect choice if you are looking to meet the ELD mandate solutions. This software comes in four different versions, all versions of this software are made in a way that they can meet the needs and rewuirements of your company. Those versions include: Container Software, Freight Broker Software, Dispatch Software, and Auto Hauler Software.

6.Regatta Transportation Solutions Software

Regatta Transportation Solutions have developped software that can meet the needs of trucking companies in order to fit with the requirements of the ELD mandate. This software is specialized for the smaller companies only.

7.OpenText Business Network 16

If you are looking for a way how to meet the requirements of the ELD demands , than you should take into consideration Open Text Business Network 16. In fact Open Text is customized in a way that it can simplify the exchange of information and data within the company but also it enables its users to have a better communication with its customers as well as suppliers. Open Text Business Network 16 is comprised of: B2B Managed Services, B2B integration, secure messaging, also at the same time it functions as well it improves the work of the community management.

8.Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems have developped routing software that can meet the ELD demands.This routing software is specialized for the oversized vehicles. With the software that Bentley Systems have developped you will have peace of mind knowing that your vehivles and truck drivers will enjoy in the safe travel and transportation.

9.Crown Freight Manager

Crown Freight Manager do meets the ELD demands, and not only that it is at the same time a software that will give to your company good results with increased productivity. Reducing the costs and improving the services for its users are yet few more features of this software solution.

10.CTSI Global

The CTSI Global Transportation Management System is made in a way that it can meet the demands of the ELD mandate as well to automate the manual processes and to improve the performance of the truck drivers. With CTSI Global the transportation companies and their drivers will be able to manage their transportation altogether with the process of payment.

Routing Software

1.Truck Router

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 Truck Router is two in one- it is truck routing and mileage software that is placed among the best routing softwares that trucking companies are using nowadays. Truck Router will provide you all the needed information that your fleet will need in order to improve thir time-efficient transportation. Those information comprise: truck specific routes, truck stops, toll cost, vehicle dimensions and so on.

2.Paragon Routing

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 Paragon Routing is one of the best routing softwares, it is easy to use and is providing multi drop routing. Also this routing software has included for its users international maps and configurable KPI reporting. The advanced optimization is yet another positive feature of Paragon Routing.

3.Routing Box

Routing Box as a cloud-based routing software will help you reduce the transportation process. This software has been developped by people that know and that understand the needs and regulations of the trucking industry. Routing Box is constantly being redevelopped and id going through upgrades in order to become faster and simpler routing software package.



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