100 Tips To Fight Truck Drivers Shortage

21. Lower The Rigorous Hiring Standards

Source: www.drivers.jbhunt.com

22. Provide Your Drivers With An APU

Since you are part of the trucking industry, I do believe that so far you are aware of the fact that APU stands for auxiliary power unit.

The auxiliary power units are most commonly used by truckers to run accessories while the engines are shut down.

With the help of APU’s the truck cabs are more comfortable!

23. Make Your Company A Great Place To Work

24. Re-Establish “livable” Freight Rates

The researchers have identified solutions for incorporating freight into planning for livable communities.

Also, this can play a big role to fighting truck drivers shortage!

25. Build A Reputation For Keeping Promises

Source: www.journalstar.com

26. Operate Completely And Legally Within The Guidelines of FMCSA Regulations

The trucking companies that are following the rules and regulations given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are the most successful in the U.S.

All rules and regulations that are being set by the FMCSA are contributing to safety in motor carrier operations.

Mainly they are targeting high-risk carriers and commercial motor vehicle drivers.

27. Find Ways How To Reward Drivers

28. Never Wake Your Drivers When They Are On Their Breaks

When a truck driver makes a break, you have to respect that!

There are some trucking companies that take their customers to be more important than their truckers. What happens in those kind of situations?

The leaders of trucking companies are waking their drivers when they are on their breaks, due to their customer’s needs.

A trucking company that is acting this way will never retain their truck drivers and fight truck drivers shortage.

29. Form A Circle Of Support

Source: www.injuredbytrucker.com

30. Don’t Use CDL Graduates As Cheap Labor

A common mistake that most trucking companies are making is using the CDL graduates as cheap labor.

This step that trucking companies are taking can just lead to two things, truck drivers to leave their companies and truck drivers to leave the trucking industry.

31. Make Your Freight Attractive

32. Offer State Of The Art Trucks

Truck manufacturers these days have made a favor to trucking companies.

Henceforth, these days truck manufacturers are designing and producing state of art trucks. These trucks are making the job of truck drivers way easier than before.

So, if your trucking company has the finances- offer your truckers the state of art trucks and fight truck drivers shortage!

33. Build Relationship With Your Drivers

Source: www.technologyreview.com

34. Improve The Truck Driver – Dispatcher Relationship

Truckers and dispatchers have had problems in their communication since ever.

This truck driver-dispatcher relationship has led many truckers to leave their job.

So, if you want to fight truck drivers shortage try to improve the truck driver dispatcher relationship.

35. Reduce Driver Turnover

36. Recruit Millennial

Why recruiting millennial in a time when the trucking industry is facing truck drivers shortage seems to be the right choice?

Well, if you don’t think that a generation makes a difference, think again!

Millenials are always a good choice because they are smart, well-informed, and they know for sure how to consider one-size-fits all recruitment strategies.

37. Recruiting Military Drivers

Source: www.its4logistics.com

38. Paying For Training

It is always a good idea to fight truck drivers shortage by paying for training!

By paying for training, you will offer the truck driver an immediate commitment to a good paying job with a variety of benefits.

This has turned out to be a great way to introduce the trucking industry to new truck drivers.

39. Improving The Image Of Drivers And Truckers

40. Use Smart Supply Chain Strategy

Smart supply chain strategy can help your trucking company to respond to an increasingly omni-channel environment.

Not only that, smart supply chain strategy can help trucking companies to retain truck drivers, and by that to fight truck drivers shortage.


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In fact, supply chains are up against some daunting changes in the trucking industry, more precisely in the customer needs and what trucking companies have to offer.

41. Adopt Transportation Modeling As An Ongoing Business Process

Source: www.beta.theglobeandmail.com

42. Hold Monthly Driver Meetings

Holding monthly meetings with your team of truck drivers is more than preferable.

That is so, because that way you will get a chance to learn more about the people who are contributing your business to grow.

As well you will learn from first hand with what type of troubles are they facing with when on the road.

In my opinion holding monthly meetings with your team of truck drivers will improve the culture in your trucking company.

43. Speak To All Truck Drivers Regularly To Set Expectations And Troubleshoot Issues

44. Create A Consistent Driver On-Board Experiences

Personalization and context are the most important factors in improving the truck driver-on board experience. Keep this in mind!

45. Perform Management Ride-Along

Source: www.barr-nunntruckingjobs.com

46. Use of CRM Software To Ensure Consistent And High-Quality Interaction

We can witness that many trucking companies these days do not devote proper focus to the importance of data quality and consistency.

But, not all trucking companies are aware that most enterprise CEM implementations will be soon forced to use customer information!

47. Driver Wellness Should Be A Top Priority For Employees

48. Truck Driving Should Be Considered A Skilled Trade

There ain’t a doubt that truck driving is a skilled occupation!

By classifying truck drivers as low skill you are not recognizing the contribution that truck drivers are making for the society every day.

Actually, the trucking industry is helping numerous other industries to run their businesses impeccably. In addition the trucking industry altogether with truck drivers are contributing in a large scale to the U.S. economy.

So re-consider your opinion on truck driving not being considered a skilled trade!

49. Provide Your Truck Drivers Life Insurance



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