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11 Proven Techniques for Better Safety Rating

You need to check that the trailer lights are working synchronized with the truck’s lights.

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A common reason for light failure is

Grounding – A bad trailer ground is a common reason that lights don’t work or work sometimes on the truck or the trailer. If you’ve noticed that sometimes your lights flickering, you need to  know that the reason is a bad ground between the truck and trailer.

Install GPS to monitor driver behavior

Follow your truckers behavior and keeping him legal on the road with GPS monitoring. GPS monitoring gives you great features for trucking every move your truck driver is doing like:

  • starts and stops of the trucks
  • operating for extended driving periods
  • broken limited speed regulations
  • idling

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If you know the correct information you can stop bad behavior and you can protect your company from penalties and bad safety reports.

Watch the truck weight

State law establishes a maximum gross weight and axle weight limits for different types of trucks or vehicle-trailer depending of the number of axles, axle spacing…

Federal commercial vehicle maximum standards on the Interstate Highway System are:

  • Single Axle: 20,000 pounds
  • Tandem Axle: 34,000 pounds
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 80,000 pounds

You have to be careful with this weight limitation because if you are not you may be caught by the law officer who will give you a penalty ticket with enormous amount that will make you dizzy. You have to remember your penalty tickets means bad safety rating!

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I am sure that you heard few urban legends connected with high penalties for overweight vehicles. Don’t let to become part of these kind of stories.

Make sure drivers drive according to the Log Book rules

Your drivers are exposed to safety rules when they are on the highway, you have to make sure that they understand the log book rules.

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  • Hours of service:
  • 14-hour “driving window” limit
  • 11-hour driving limit
  • 60-hour/7-day
  • and 70-hour/8-day duty limits
  • Speed limitations
  • Weight limitations

Get drivers to go to medical examination every 6 months to make sure they are healthy

The commercial motor vehicle driver medical examination aims to ensure the drivers health and also to ensure that commercial drivers can safely perform all driving and nondriving work-related tasks.

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For examination and the process of completing the certification the medical examiner should follow required medical standards.

These regulations are laid down in order to increase the effectiveness of the commercial motor vehicle drivers and to prevent them from injuries or crashes, at least to prevent the disasters of a medical nature.


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To be a truck driver you need to meet medical standards of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Have all the paperwork in order

Good employee is the employee who takes care of the task to be managed by regulations and keep accurate paperwork, this is the best way to get the job done correctly.

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A vital part to accomplish this is to keep a record of the paperwork and to have all of the required documents in order. Solid paperwork will keep you from the law penalties.

  • Good log maintaining – when you have everything in order your ride is safe.
  • Load/Unload paperwork – keep the information well organized and in one place for easy access.
  • Receipts and mileage – organize these documents in chronological order and give your company easy correct information base


Before December 2010 carriers received a compliance review of their history safety violations, but this way of issuing reports was not practical because safety ratings were quickly outdated.

With Outdated information carriers were unable to take timely measures to prevent the violation of bad safety behaviors.

With the new CSA system carriers receive monthly safety evaluations which entails good or bad safety ratings. When bad safety rating is noticed the carrier and the driver receive penalties for violating these regulations.

The Important thing to remember is that with this real time snapshot of your safety rating you cannot escape the consequences  of bad safety rating,  your focus should be on improving CSA scores.



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