12 Secret Tips To Know When Buying Construction Truck

On the contrary, if you find yourself incapable of determining the finances, you can always hire brokers to provide you with the needed information as well as help you with the financing plan.

5. The Cost of Buying a Construction Truck

Any type of vehicle, not only the equipment is valuable to every business. Continually, one solution when financially unstable is to buy used rather than new equipment for your business.

A truck is normally known as a vehicle with an extensive use, and purchasing used construction truck may save you money and the truck will have enduring performance.

In other words, purchasing an affordable construction truck can also lead to higher maintenance because the price is not an example of its engine power.

The Cost of Buying a Construction Truck
Source: www.constructionweekonline.com

The cost of a used truck normally varies from $30,000 to $40,000 and still having power value.

On the other hand, the cost of a new construction truck ranges between $100,000 to $150,000.

Think about it.

Purchasing a new truck is a drastic swing to the above-mentioned $40,000.


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However, the modern-day construction machines like Mack Trucks, for instance, are improved with technology and will definitely ease your part of the work.

6. Operating Cost of a Construction Truck

Operating a truck in a construction field knows to be really expensive. In general, a vehicle is a consumer with a high rate of fuel.

Continually, a lot of vehicle operators can get the job done with 3 to 6 miles per gallon while the others will not.

In addition to the truck, the tires also play a significant factor in the expenses. For instance, a tire costs $1,000 each.

Operating Cost of a Construction Truck
Source: en.wikipedia.org

There is also an additional fee which is the driver’s fee, and not to mention the presence of insurance.

If a driver is experienced to operate a construction vehicle then, the employee will be paid more.

Additionally, the cost of maintaining a truck in the construction industry on average is over $100,000 on a yearly basis.

what is the Operating Cost of a Construction Truck
Source: www.linkedin.com

As shown above, the cost of owning and operating a truck is the key to a successful construction company.

In general, operating a truck has a cost which is equal to the cost of purchasing the truck. In other words, if you double the purchasing price of the truck you will know the operating cost.

Moreover, you need to have in mind that the equipment is the core of the improvement of a business.

7. Insurance Cost of a Construction Truck

Working for a construction company is as dangerous as working in a transportation industry.

In addition to this, there are simply a lot of factors affecting the safety of construction truck drivers.

The construction industry is risky and each business needs a good insurance in order to cover a variety of possible happenings.

According to OSHA’s safety regulations, a truck driver should feel safe at work. This is the reason why OSHA’s laws and the Directorate of Construction have created those regulations.

Insurance Cost of a Construction Truck
Source: www.owendunn.com

Regarding this, each truck driver can get a serious injury, an accident, and other unpredictable events.

In particular, you will need a  strong insurance coverage in order to cover all of the variety of lawsuits.

The average liability construction truck insurance starts from $360 to $960.

8. Engine

One of the most crucial factors affecting a quality construction truck is the engine. Additionally, if you want to buy heavy load truck then consider some specifications of the vehicle.

Continually, buying a dump truck is a serious investment and due to this matter, getting the one with the right engine is the best solution.

construction truck Engine
Source: www.cat.com

What allows the truck to operate flawlessly and actually work, is the engine. For instance, a construction truck with 300 or 600 power output would be the most desirable choice.

Depending on the construction business type, you need to choose the truck with the right power engine and performance.

Having said this, trucks with lower horsepower are for lightweight objects.

Furthermore, checking the engine’s condition, as well as friction noise when lacking lubrication is also important.

9. Check the Construction Truck Transmission

The transmission of a truck should always be checked and it is manual or automatic.

Getting a truck with a manual transmission will provide you with a better performance which is due to their wide range of gear options and flexible converter.

Check the Construction Truck Transmission
Source: www.komatsuamerica.com

Continually, the manual enables your construction truck to control the engine’s speed in order to reduce the strain and adjust multiple gears.

With regards to pricing, an automatic transmission is quite expensive. However, if you stick to the budget, you either type of transmission would be fine for starters.

10. Do I Need to Check the Volume Capacity of a Construction Truck?

A construction vehicle is normally used to transport raw materials. Having said this, the load capacity is highly important to consider as a factor.

Continually, if you accidentally find a construction vehicle that is on sale but you find out that it cannot carry the load then it will hardly be useful for you.

Having said this, it is always best to buy that type of equipment which will carry sufficient material.

Do I Need to Check the Volume Capacity of a Construction Truck?
Source: www.komatsuamerica.com

In addition to the above-mentioned, the type of load your truck needs to carry should always be according to your requirements.

For instance, if you consider loading and unloading materials along with transportation, then it is best to buy 2 construction trucks with different volume capacity.

Purchasing same volume capacity trucks will not reduce the labor costs. On the other hand, buying at least one large capacity of the truck, definitely will.


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11. Is Inspection Needed Before Purchasing a Truck?

If you are willing to invest in a construction truck, then you need to consider to buy a quality equipment.

This is important in order to avoid repair process afterward.



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