12 Things To Know Before Getting Penske Truck Rental

All you need to have is a valid AAA card and valid membership. So pay attention to the membership expiration dates and make sure you are paying your membership on time.

Source: www.flickr.com

Source: www.flickr.com

There are multiple advantages of being AAA member and this is one of them that brings some cash directly into your pocket.

I need to be honest and warn you not to expect too much. These discounts can vary up to 5% or sometimes up to 10% but still, this is a nice amount of money to be saved.

There is another thing as well that front desk stuff will not offer this perk automatically to you so it is very important not to forget to ask on your own.

Go Trough the Details of the Rental Agreement

Carefully check if there are any penalties in the agreement that might bite you. Those tiny little letters at the bottom of contract usually hide some really high penalties and charges.

Of course, this could happen in very rare situations but it is better to read in advance what to expect when something happens.

Source: www.flickr.com

Source: www.flickr.com

All truck rental companies are having the similar terms and Penske is no different from them but still, take a closer look to this.

Following situations are the ones you should pay attention to and make sure to know what could happen in case some of them occurs:

  • Who is allowed to drive a truck (the person renting it or a larger number of them)?
  • Should the fuel tank be returned full or you can leave it empty?
  • I pass can be also a matter of addition charge
  • What happens if you get a parking ticket?

Check the Insurance and What is Insurance Coverage

This is very important part and for that reason, I put in the last place so that you can remember after reading the article.

Insurance can change the price of the renting and it is worth applying attention to this part of the service.

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

Usually, you have three options every time you are renting a truck trough the Penske Truck Rental:

  • not taking any insurance coverage and to rely on your personal insurance policy
  • taking the limited insurance policy that covers only certain situations up to a certain level
  • to take the full insurance policy that pretty much covers and possible scenarios and amounts in most of the cases

Source: www.flickr.com

Depending which of the three possible options you choose price will be adjusted accordingly.

Prices are usually charged per day and added on top of the truck rental price.


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In some cases, insurance itself can double the renting price so it is very good to ask for all options and compare the charges.


Hopefully, your Penske truck rental experience will be amazing and without any issues causing you a headache. Reduced costs, wasted time or damages stuff during the moving are the biggest fear and situation we would all like to avoid.

Writing this article reminded me of all my past experiences and how moving was a big stress but still every time I moved it was a new beginning and a start of a better and more successful story.

This was my contribution to your new beginnings. If there is anything you’d like to add and share with other people that can be helpful please don’t hesitate to do it.



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