15 Must-Have Trucker Supplies For Every Cab

Source: www.treadlabs.com
Source: www.treadlabs.com

With regards to this, it may not be illegal to drive with flip flops but is it safe? However, having quality shoes and another spare pair of them is another number in the trucker supplies list for the cab.

According to the regulations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), drivers should not drive with flip flops for their own well-being.

Source: www.catfootwear.com
Source: www.catfootwear.com

Additionally, one wrong step at the driving pedals and you find yourself stuck with your flip flop at the pedal. Thereupon, having quality truck driver boots is another part of trucker supplies that truckers need in order to keep their feet safe.


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Additionally, they love their truck driving jobs and is really understandable how they work really hard to meet the deadlines and transport the cargo on time.

However, the FMCSA regulations should be respected. If you ask me, the trucking companies training drivers, should be training them about safety first and then about the vehicle operating.

7. Health Care

Due to the sedentary life that truck drivers lead they must focus on their health. If you ask a trucker he will tell you he is more observing the hours of service regulations (HOS) than the safety regulations.

Source: www.nytimes.com
Source: www.nytimes.com

Additionally, the health is a part of the safety. Further, since the truckers are sitting all day behind the wheel that is resulting in a slower work of the body.

Further, staying sharp on the road is crucial as well. Thereupon, having proper health care trucker supplies is essential just like the proper driving.

8. Personal Needs

Due to the occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a truck driver needs to have the personal needs essentials on the road. Having said this, it reminded me of the female truck drivers.

To put it in a different way, they are sensitive and have a more vulnerable body than the male truck drivers. With regards to this, they need to keep their beauty and feminism.

Source: www.crengland.com
Source: www.crengland.com

Additionally, being a truck driver is not easy, imagine how it is for the female truckers. Keeping their career, health, and adventure together, the female truck drivers are beautiful and smart.

Moreover, they are facing the trucking career challenges on a daily basis just like the male drivers. Taking care of themselves on the road with the trucker supplies is a kind of reward.

9. Cooking Supplies

Some people tend to change their lifestyle after they change a city to live in, a school or a new job. They might get preoccupied and put their entire focus on the job instead of the safety.

Similarly, due to the life on the road, truckers hardly ever get the chance to enjoy a nice, warm, homemade meal.

Source: www.prestige.co.uk
Source: www.prestige.co.uk

In addition, all they would eat is the fast food at the truck stops or some packed salami sandwich on the go.

Therefore, the cooking gadgets are another number in the list of trucker supplies. What meal is more delicious than the homemade after all?

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10. Mobile Phone

Taking your mobile phone everywhere you go is fundamental not to mention how important it is when you are on the road. There are situations and some might be bad, therefore, if you are unable to help yourself in tough situations, the mobile will get you help.

Source: www.njpass.net
Source: www.njpass.net

On the other hand, the numbers in the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER) are different in every trucking company. More importantly, it is acceptable for you to avoid them as much as you can, it is beneficial for you and the company too.

Accordingly, if you are a beginner truck driver it is possible to not know certain things related to truck driving. For instance, if you are unfamiliar with the truck towing or truck mechanics, you will need a mobile phone the same as the air you breathe.

11. Entertainment Gadgets

Just like there are gadgets to help you in tough situations and devices fitting all trucks, there should be those for the trucker’s fun.

If you have a sleeper or extended cabin in your truck then you definitely have a spare space for the entertainment devices.

Source: www.autosavant.com
Source: www.autosavant.com

Accordingly, just like the body needs healthy food, or fitness, the mind needs a little fun. Therefore, do not fear to ask your boss for devices to increase the fun on the road.

Moreover, the truck cabin is the perfect area for placing a TV, the cooking gadgets or even an X-box to chill in the spare time.

12. Essentials

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), safety needs to be number one priority to every truck driver. With regards to this, there are essentials that every trucker must take with every time he hits the road.

Source: www.thebalance.com
Source: www.thebalance.com

Regarding this, the essentials are needed for every road trip, not to mention how important they are for the truck drivers on the road. I know that all truck drivers are brave and they are the heroes of the highways but sometimes the bravery is not enough.

13. Spare Lights

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), any type of vehicle should have a proper lighting on. Correspondingly, the same goes for the truck drivers.

The trucks not only have to have lights that work but they need to have spare lights in the truck cabin. Moreover, you never know what might happen.

Source: www.autosavant.com.jpg1
Source: www.autosavant.com

For instance, there are the OTR truck drivers, who sometimes drive at night. Additionally, what happens if they drive on a long highway in a dessert and their lights stop?


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To emphasize, they need to have the spare truck lights and know how to change them. The other reason, as shown above, is wherever they are, and in which location, they need to have lights that work due to the laws.

14. Chargers

Due to the rapid advance of technology, the gadgets have replaced the work of truck dispatchers. The smart apps are now able to tell you everything a dispatcher would.



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