15 Secret Steps To Get Listed in the Best Trucking Companies

However, leadership is not the management of employees, a freight, or a company but leading people.

More importantly, the best trucking companies have leaders that actually have a mindset. It is what drives them to success.

best trucking companies lead by example
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Having said this, the leaders of the best trucking companies are not looking for a title, attention or asking you to follow them.

On the contrary, they earn it.

Do you consider yourself a great leader?

6. Work-Friendly Environment

Some of the companies, do not consider the work environment a factor in creating one of the best trucking companies for team drivers.

They think the hard work will eventually pay off. Although this is true, other factors as the work-friendly environment are important.

The thing is, you need a strategy for this and stopping your staff from driving each other crazy, besides the fact that you consider it easy.

best trucking companies create work-friendly environment
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In addition, even though you are a company owner, you need to make a sacrifice and be there for your employees when they need you.

Consequently, there are crucial ways to create a work-friendly environment:

  • Developing positive attitude
  • Treating employees with respect
  • Being an active listener
  • Work together for a greater good

7. Best Trucking Companies Value Everyone’s Contributions

If you have ever had a fleet manager who thanks you for doing your job, it is motivation. The awesome and reputable trucking companies do this on a daily basis and thus, they incentivize employees and truck drivers.

A recent research shows that motivation is key to establishing a loyal relationship with an employee.

best trucking companies value everyone's contributions
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It is highly important for trucking companies in the United States to know that motive is helping them attract and engage the workforces of their employees.

Consequently, this results in a higher engagement in work by their employees as well as feeling more valued.

More importantly, if a current employee is not feeling incentivized, you need to know that the problem is your company.

best trucking companies show value
Source: www.millerheimangroup.com

Furthermore, you need to know why this problem is happening because there are a lot of factors involved, and the main are:

  • Average salary
  • Not enough vacation days
  • Poor boss-employee communication
  • Unpaid long hours
  • Pressure
  • Feeling unaccepted
  • Poor work environment
  • Poor colleague communication


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Besides the above-mentioned, the lack of value is the biggest factor here. If you as an employer, lack value for your employees, they will hardly stay at your company.

8. Challenge

Every employee wants to work for the best trucking companies for one thing besides motivation and success – challenge.

People are nowadays working to be paid, instead of working to upgrade themselves.

Hard as it may seem to believe, there are still people today who work because they enjoy doing it or they look at it as a challenge.

best trucking companies seek challenge
Source: www.innovation.govspace.gov.au

You never know until you try, right?

Unfortunately, these people come in a small percentage which is 20%.

Are you one of them?

In fact, that is the way people should work. For example, it is what successful owner-operators do. They do not wait for other people to do their job except for highly legal stuff like hiring top freight brokers and a good logistics company.

9. Be a Driver Focused Company

One of the biggest mistakes that transportation companies make is not respecting their employees, especially truck drivers.

There are companies which offer great salary but they would not put their focus on the company drivers.

best trucking companies focus on drivers
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By this I mean, they are not respecting them as human beings. On the contrary, the best trucking companies put their focus on the following:

  • Driver safety
  • Vacation days
  • Covered Insurance

Some of the US regulations like OSHA and NHTSA state that companies should consider employee and driver safety a No.1 priority.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and The US Department of Transportation, the cargo transportation is key.

10. Communication With Employees

As a trucking company owner, you need to think of every little detail. You need to think of the types of freight to transport, the profit of the trucking business but never forget your employees.

Your employees are partly representing your company and you need to get to know them, their necessities and moreover, their ideas.

best trucking companies communicate with employees
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In the best trucking companies, communication is key, knowing what type of employees you have is just as important as knowing what type of cargo you deliver in a day.

This is crucial because every company owner needs to take care of their employees, and communication is one way of showing them that you do.

11. Excellent Pay

Another characteristic that will get you listed among the best trucking companies is nothing less but the salary.

Regarding this, there are employees who are circulating in these niches like the trucking business is and they are very well informed about the numbers of the pay in 90% of the companies.

best trucking companies offer excellent pay
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Having said this, you might think that the salary of your trucking staff is an individual secret but once they quit the job, it no longer is.

What I am trying to say is, as long as you are offering your employees poor conditions, like average salary, they will leave your company.

Consequently, rumor has it you are a company with bad salaries.

Do you think this is tempting enough for the future candidates to apply for a job in your company?

above average pay in the best trucking companies
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Think about it.

Not offering a competitive salary, will make it hard for you to find new employees. Even if you find two or three, they will eventually leave.

Therefore, if you want to take a spot among the best paying trucking companies in the United States, you need to offer what the other businesses in the industry do not.

12. Inspiration

For a 100% of employees, inspiration is key to having their dream job. Having said this, their satisfaction at work is what motivates them the most.



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