17 Things To Check Before Buying Used Farm Truck

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Also, you should be aware of the fact that farm trucks are doing the tough job of transporting heavyweight. It means that these trucks are being beaten up by off-road surfaces as well as off-road settings.

That is why it is recommendable to check if the suspension components are work. You can do that easily. In general, the suspension components generate popping or clunking noises that can be easily heard when you perform the test drive.

9. Check the Tires and Brakes

In general, farm trucks are big and heavy vehicles. These vehicles do use big and heavy duty consumable parts.

So, it redirects us to the following inspection point- check of the tires and brakes.

Why am I suggesting a check of the tires and brakes?

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Well, it is due to the fact that tires and brakes are one of the priciest parts to replace on a farm truck.

The larger and the tires are and the better preserved are- the better! Yet pay attention to the fuel mileage expenses!

10. Check the Fluids

On quite the opposite side we have the fluids.

Due to several reasons, people when buying used farm trucks get to forget to check the fluids. Which is not that smart step.

Although, when buying a used farm truck you are performing a plan and budget for a full fluid change– yet, you must check trucks’ fluid condition at the moment.

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In addition, you should never forget to ask the owner of the farm truck for his manual lists of fluid requirements.

It is good for the future used farm truck buyer to know that this vehicle typically needs a fluid change more often than other vehicles that are being used for highway driving.

11. Check the Underbelly

Simply, there are some points that you simply cannot check when the farm truck is still on the ground.

Damage, leaks, excessive rust is that most farm trucks hide on the underbelly.

Instead of wondering whether there are, or not, this types of damages on the underbelly, I would suggest you call a mechanic.

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A professional mechanic can perform check on the underbelly in just a few minutes.

After all, you can always ask the seller if you can take the vehicle to your mechanic to perform a detailed check.

12. Farm Trucks Have Different Towing Capacities

Know what the used farm truck you want to buy can handle.

So, if you plan to buy a used farm truck to tow heavy farm equipment- then you will have to check the axle size. It is the best way to calculate trucks’ towing capacity.

13. Look for Low Mileage

Nobody wants to buy a farm truck with high mileage.

Well, although it seems that farm trucks do not make a lot of miles- in reality, they do.

In general, pre-owned or certified program trucks have low mileage. It is so because many of those farm trucks have been used as trade from farm owners who like to change their trucks and equipment very often.

It is why I would suggest you that besides looking for low mileage farm trucks, you begin to check program cars.

14. Basic Checks

In the exact same manner like when you are buying a car, you will have to inspect carefully both the interior and exterior of the farm truck.

Never let small parts go away from your eyes. Simply make all the basic checks and more if you consider that there is a need of one.

Additionally, check for tire condition, belt condition, and so on.

15. Repair and Maintenance History

Repair and Maintenance History are the two aspects that can bring you the most reliable picture of the used farm truck you can to buy.

In both cases, if you are buying a used farm truck directly from the previous owner or you are buying at a dealership, then I would suggest you to always ask for repair and maintenance history. Especially if you are buying from a dealership.

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Moreover, the repair and maintenance history documents will show the real issues with the used farm truck. In this documents and reports, you will also find out how many miles the truck has driven.

In addition, you can always visit CARPROOF to check for major repairs and accidents.

16. Strong & Unbent Frame

The strong and unbent frame means strong farm truck.

Generally speaking, the reason why you should check the frame is due to the fact that the frame is the actual body upon which the rest of the truck is built.

Moreover, this gives you a crystal clear picture on why you should look for a farm truck with a strong and unbent frame.

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On the other hand, if you see a bent frame on the farm truck that you want to buy- consider it to be a bad news.

Bend frames can be due to several reasons. Either the farm truck has been in a serious accident or it has been used for extremely heavy duty activities.

So, get underneath of the truck and make sure that the farm truck you want to buy has a strong and unbent frame.


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17. The Test Drive

Last but not least, the test drive remains to be the most important part when you are buying used farm trucks.

This way you will protect yourself from any suspension issues, or be playing in the steering wheel, or even in some situations, it might happen that the truck wanders.

By taking the farm truck for a driving test you will be in the position to answer yourself many questions. That way you will even see if there is exhaust smoke during hard accelerations.

Yet, always trust your gut.


To enumerate, choosing the right used farm truck is a hard process to go through. Yet, if you implement these 17 things that I suggested you check- then you will definitely be able to buy a used farm truck that is in the best condition.



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