20 Exclusive Tips How To Stay Awake While Driving 1

20 Exclusive Tips How To Stay Awake While Driving

12).1 Min. Of Open Window Will Wake You Up

The circulation of a fresh air can improve your mood and keep you awake while driving. If you feel sleepy just open the window and take a deep breath. Leave the window for 10 minutes. It will improve your focus.


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13).Avoid Medications That Cause Drowsiness

Moreover, we are all aware that some medications cause drowsiness. So in order for you as a truck driver to stay safe, secure and awake while driving , should be aware of the medications that you are taking.

If it is indicated that your medications cause drowsiness be self-conscious and don’t go on trips.

14).Listen To Audio Books

Listening to audio books therefore can help you stay awake while driving. Just choose a book from your favorite author and enjoy your trip. Contrary there are some people to whom listening to audio books causes opposite effect – they easily fall asleep.

But still, more than 70 % of the people that are on the road constantly say that listening to audio books helps them stay awake and get to their destination on time.

15).4 Times Breathing Through Your Nose

Breathing techniques have an immense power when it comes to prevention of sleep and refreshment of the body. By the simple technique of taking 4 deep breaths, you will slowly feel how your body wakes .

So a good recommendation for all truck drivers is to practice this 4 times deep breathing, as well as other breathing techniques in order to stay awake while driving.

Daily practicing of breathing techniques can improve your concentration, memory and after a period of time you will be able to control the tiredness of the body.

16).Set The Car Temperature Lower

By setting the truck temperature lower you will feel cozier. The temperature in the cabin plays a big role when it comes to sleepiness and drowsiness. Turn the AC for few minutes, just to decrease the temperature in the cabin- that will help the brain function, because when it’s a bit hotter or too cold in the cabin the brain ceases to function properly.

17).Keep Track Of How Long You’ve Been Driving

Before getting in the truck cabin and heading to your destination it is good for you to make a plan for your trip. In that plan you should include the precise number of driving hours and breaks. That will help you keep track of how long you’ve been driving. By keeping that track and at the same time knowing how your body works, you will prevent yourself from falling asleep.

18).10 Min. listening To A Fast Music That You Hate

When you are listening to a fast music that you don’t like that way you are sending signals to the brain that will wake it up. That is so because those signals alert the non-friendly zone.

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We are used to listening music that we like and when someone puts on music that we hate our body naturally reacts to the things that we don’t like.

This will definitely make you stay awake while driving, but make sure that during these 10 minutes you won’t break something.

19). 500Mg. Of Vitamin C Will Do The Magic

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500 mg. of vitamin C can refresh you easily and can help you stay awake while driving. This vitamin is very powerful since it helps in the prevention of fatigue.

20).Chew Gum

Chewing gum is also a good way to stay awake while driving your truck. Chewing gum wakes you up in the way that it limits the increase of sleepiness. Chewing gums will stop the yawing and will keep your mouth busy.


To sum up, driving while feeling sleepiness and drowsiness is not a good idea at all. Therefore if you are feeling a bit sleepy while you are on the road you can find our -20 exclusive tips how to stay awake while driving useful.



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