20 Things Every Trucking Office Needs To Have

20 Cheap Items Every Trucking Office Needs To Have

If the company is big enough and offers CDL training and updates, this space will be good for that as well. With the ever changing lows and regulation this space will be good and for when you are conducting an Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA training.

Many companies lounge area doubles as the training room.

20 Things Every Trucking Office Needs To Have
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Ensure Your Trucking Office has a Maintenance Area

Maintenance is a key to any successful trucking business. Your trucking office needs to have its own appropriate truck maintenance space. If you have mechanics on-site they will need a proper space. But not everyone can afford mechanics; you still need some to oversee the maintenance schedules.

Truck dispatchers need to be in the loop regarding all maintenance schedules.

20 Things Every Trucking Office Needs To Have
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12. Ensure Your Trucking Office has a Secured Storage Area

Every trucking office, like any business, has basic equipment and supplies. These things add up over the course of a year. Even little things like pens and notepads. But many companies also have giveaways, company shirts, hats and such. Keep these safe and secure.

Make sure only your trusted employees have direct access to the storeroom.

13. Ensure Your Trucking Office has a Separate Break Room

This is very important. Every trucking office (or any office) needs to have a separate space that allows the staff to get away from their desk. They also need a place to keep drinks and things cold or to heat their lunches. The break room should have plenty of comfortable seating.

Make sure you have a cleaning schedule for the refrigerator, and make sure the microwave is of a good brand as it will be used so many times.

14 Ensure Your Trucking Office has Good Phone/Internet

This might seem obvious but it isn’t. Every trucking office must have a multi-line phone system and high-speed internet. After all without it how are you going to communicate? Almost everything is done online now, to include invoicing.

Make sure you backup all your records, just in case.

20 Things Every Trucking Office Needs To Have
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15. Ensure Your Trucking Office has a Company Bulletin Board

You might think this is to share some inspiration and pass along some basic insights, but it so much more than that. As a matter of fact it is both federal and state law that you post certain posters and memorandums in a conspicuous place.

The Department of Labor (DOL) has all the federal ones available for order online.

16. Ensure Your Trucking Office has Clean Restrooms

This is important for your trucking office (for many reasons). Hygiene is very important, especially during the cold and flu season. But nothing is nastier than a gross shared toilet. The thing worse than you employees using it when it’s dirty, is your customers and other visitors.

Maintaining separate bathrooms is best, if at all possible.

17. Ensure Your Trucking Office has Some Basic Decorations

This one is open to interpretation. The average trucking office should have a few appropriate pictures on the walls. You permits and any awards should be posted, the reception area is good for these. Many people like to have a few plants around as well.

There are services that will clean the rugs and water the plants, if you want.

20 Things Every Trucking Office Needs To Have
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18. Ensure Your Trucking Office has Good Computer Equipment

I mentioned about the internet earlier, but quality equipment is important as well. You are going to need several work stations, but they don’t all have to be top of the line. Your operations and dispatcher will need better equipment than the other administrative staff.

Make sure you have all the passwords, just in case someone is ill, quits, or gets fired.

19. Ensure Your Trucking Office has Ample Office Supplies

Here we go with yet another issue that causes such unnecessary hassle. Every trucking office has the same basic needs, any special requirements depends on your business model. But nothing is worse than running out of ink, paper, or other basics. Keep it stocked.

These are some of the things to keep in the locked storeroom, just in case.


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20. Ensure Your Trucking Office has Plenty of Staff

This one is a bit tricky, for the average trucking office. Only you know how much staff you need, and can afford. Many employees can wear multiple hats and pitch in wherever the need is. The dispatcher is one job that needs full-time concentration.

Smaller businesses tend to do more with less, while larger companies trip over each other.

20 Things Every Trucking Office Needs To Have
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You can add things like a gym, showers, and other recreational items. But don’t go overboard. Your OTR drivers usually won’t be there, very often. Even if your company’s primary focus is local routes, the drivers will be in and out. So mostly you’re concerned with your in house staff and potential customers.

But never make your drivers feel like they aren’t part of the team. Remember trucking, more than almost any other, is dependent on good relations between drivers and the home office. If your business gets a bad reputation it will be hard to get new drivers.

What suggestions do you have for a good trucking office? What have you done to try and retain the best drivers you can? Share your comments and suggestions.



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