25 Secrets to Know Before Buying Fleet Management Software

Source: www.raintreecomputing.com

Source: www.raintreecomputing.com

The biggest resistant to change and this is also one of the main reasons companies are losing competitive advantage is inside company resistance.

Try to involve your staff in a decision making procedure and explain to them that the new software is here to help all of you and to take the company to the next level.

6. What Are The Most Important Fields You Need Software Help

Some trucking companies cover dispatching the best and on the other hand, some cover safety the best. Every trucking company has its strong and weak spots. It would be good before buying a Fleet Management Software to discover what the area where you need the most help is.

Is that accounting or safety? Maybe it is dispatch department, or you think you can take the company to a higher level in all areas. The reason why I’m asking this is that if you need help in accounting you can find some really amazing accounting software on the market.


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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on getting the entire Fleet Management Software. If you think your company can work better in all areas then getting a new Fleet Management Software might be the right way for you.

Having in mind things like this could save you a lot of money and time. It could also bring you the fine tuning of your company procedures you need. Take this into consideration before making a final decision.

7. Would You Prefer Any Place Access To Your Fleet Management Software

In today’s fast changing world trucking industry started to look more and more like an IT industry.

Cloud-based Fleet Management Software is becoming a standard nowadays. Allowing you to work from anyplace in the world by using only internet connected device provides a lot of advantages to trucking companies.

Source: www.scopetechnology.com

Source: www.scopetechnology.com

It saves you a lot of money because you no longer need a big office. You can outsource some departments of the trucking companies off shore. It is becoming very popular to outsource dispatch department to Eastern Europe and save five times on salaries.

All this changes and trends are possible due to technology is developing new ways of software. With cloud-based software almost no one needs to be in the office anymore.

The entire team can work from anyplace in the world enabling companies to make huge savings on rent, utilities, equipment, and salaries.

8. Check Is There Any Long-term Fleet Management Software Contract Required

As the software companies continue to evolve so are the new business models introduced. Over the last 10 years in the Fleet Management Software industry, it is becoming very popular to avoid charging customers very high upfront software fees. Instead of that customers are paying a monthly subscript fee for usage.

Source: www.blog.capterra.com

Source: www.blog.capterra.com

The advantage of this model is that you can optimize your company expenses and predict and control cash flow. Also, you will get constant updates that are included in the monthly subscription.

The bad side of this is that sometimes Fleet Management Software companies are requesting you to sign a multi-year agreement where you will be required to use and pay their software for certain (usually 3) amount of years.

Be careful with this kind of agreements because it could be very hard to gout of them if you wish to stop using the software.

9. Request a 30 Day Trial Period For The Fleet Management Software

Most of the Fleet Management Software companies will have no issues in granting you 30 day trial period.

This is a great opportunity to test and analyze is the software you are thinking to buy the right solution and fit for your trucking business.

Source: www.truckingoffice.com

Source: www.truckingoffice.com

Some companies will require you to leave the credit card information in order to start the 30 day trial period but please be careful with this because if you continue to use it after the 30 days trial period ends, you will be charged for using it.

While you are in the test or trial period of software usage invite all the company staff to test the software. In this 30 days, you will have the opportunity to get the feedback and decide is this the best solution for you.

10. Ask Is There Any Fleet Management Software Hidden Fees

On the market, you can see a lot of unfair behavior where certain companies’ only goal is to get you in the contract and sign a deal with you. They will promise all kind of different stuff just to make you sign a deal.

Later on when the things calm down and you start using the Fleet Management Software you bought you will discover a lot of bad things.

Source: www.besttravelcreditcards.org

Source: www.besttravelcreditcards.org

Those bad and expensive things are called hidden fees. Some companies want to charge you extra for all kind of different things you might need such as support, updates, extra space and so on

Pay attention to these details in advance and ask their sales representative to give you in written document what is included in their monthly or one-time fee. Also, have them deliver the list is there any things that they will charge more and what would be the price for that.

11. Go Over The Fleet Management Software Contract Details

The contract is the king of all details, that’s why you should pay attention to what are you signing, not just when getting a Fleet Management Software but everything you sign in your life. It is very popular today to get the contract sent by email or some other electronic way to read and sign.

Source: www.speakerhub.com

Source: www.speakerhub.com

Even though it is very popular and handy people have developed the habit that they don’t take a detailed look and actually read the agreement. Instead of that, they would just sign it without paying enough attention.



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