50 Tips and Tricks To Hire The Best Truck Driver

Having said this, you can find every kind of truck driving jobs at the boards. There is Indeed,  Career Builder, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Monster etc.

18. Create Pay Per Click Campaigns

Creating pay per click campaigns is boosting your company’s potential. More importantly, it will boost the number of candidates interested in a work position for your company.

19. Hire The Truck Driver With Solid Driving Record

One factor that describes a qualified truck driver is the solid driving record. To put it differently, a truck driver needs to have a quality background in order to qualify for a job.

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This is one of the driver traits which you need to be familiar with before you hire the best truck driver.

20. Knowledge of State and Government Laws

Significantly, a knowledge of the Government laws is something every truck driver should know.

In particular, these are the regulations that a truck driver needs to be familiar with:

  • The Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Transportation and Security Administration (TSA)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

21. Successful Truck Drivers Respect The Federal Regulations

To continue with, there are truck drivers who respect the truck driving rules and regulations. These rules are notably given by the Government and they are the following:

Source: www.transportation.gov
  • Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER)
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • The Department of Labor (DOL)

22. Proficient Driver Complies With The Hours of Service (HOS)

The tough schedule of truck drivers is sometimes stopping them from completing their driving hours on time.

Additionally, you need to check this with the candidate and make sure you hire the best truck driver.

23. Check For Stress Management Skills

Due to the stressful job the truck drivers have, their anger is sometimes impossible to be controlled.

However, it is something that the best drivers have and you need to look for this trait in your next truck driver.

24. The Best Driver Has a Sense of Responsibility

What a truck driver needs to do is to be reasonable and responsible. The responsibility involves safety while driving and treating other clients and coworkers with care and understanding.

25. Customer Service Skills Possession

A truck driver is probably meeting face to face with the customers. By doing this, a truck driver seems to partly represent the company and its behavior.

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With this in mind, he should always be in a good mood, friendly and welcoming.

26. Multitasking is Key To Hire The Best Truck Driver

If you thought truck driving is an easy occupation and involves only driving, then you are wrong.

On the subject of this, a truck driver does many things simultaneously. Due to this factor, the best truck driver needs to possess several skills.

27. Trustworthy Driver Respects Safety

In order to hire best truck driver you need to take a look further and beyond their professional skills.

With regards to this, you need to look at his character and how trustworthy a driver is as a human being.

28. Professional Truck Driver Acts Friendly

Ask people and they will tell you that proficiency is gained with experience. It is probable, but there are cases which involve the characteristics of a human.

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Further, a truck driver who acts friendly and avoids arguments is the perfect candidate to hire the best truck driver.

29. The Best Driver Has Full Focus on The Road

Being constantly on the road is not easy at all. Having said this, there are particular factors involved in order to hire the best truck driver.

To emphasize, these are the traits that a truck driver needs to possess:

  • Good Hearing
  • Hand and Eye Coordination
  • Ability for Long Driving

30. Do Not Underestimate Female Truck Drivers

There are thousands of challenges that female drivers face and yet they have learned to overcome them.

Note to self: Do not underestimate a truck driver because it is a female. You never know how much better she is than the previous or the next male candidate.

Source: www.cuinsight.com

31. Ask For The Truck Drivers’ Resume

A truck driver who is on their way to an interview should always take his resume with him.

In addition to this, ask to take a look at the driver’s resume. The resume is important and has his previous experience on it. Notably, it will be of assistance.


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32. Alertness Is Another Trait To Hire Best Truck Driver

A truck driver needs to be responsive on the road. On the subject of this, a driver needs to be alert to specific unpredictable driving conditions.

33. Honesty Is Important To Be Found In a Potential Truck Driver

Same as friendliness, responsibility, and trust, a truck driver needs to possess honesty as another trait. Look for it in your next candidate.

34. Ask For The Driver’s Previous Experience

Depending on your employment requirements and job conditions, the experience is and it is not important. Therefore, if you look for an experienced truck driver, then check for his previous job experience.

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35. See The Companies The Driver Worked For

A further tactic to discover about his professional, as well as personal skills, is to check the companies the candidate has previously worked for.

36. Mind the Physical Requirements

This may sound harsh but physical requirements are important to be taken into consideration in an interview. A truck driver needs to be strong and fulfill specific requirements.

37. Discover If The Driver Has Visited Training Programs

Same as the skills I mentioned before, the training sometimes plays a significant role here. Note that training is part of every trucker’s career.

38. Check If the Candidate Is Able to Work Independently

In order to hire the best truck driver, you need to see if the candidate is able to work independently. Depending on the job title, he will be required to do multiple things requiring a skill set.



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