7 Tips That Will Increase Truck Battery Life

7 Secret Tips That Will Increase Truck Battery Life

Your truck battery needs to be powerful to provide the necessary energy to the other parts of the truck, so before you shut down the truck be sure that you will turn the truck lights off.

During winter put some protective cloth around battery

The truck battery that runs through different seasonal temperatures can be more exposed to damage. Winter conditions are affecting the truck battery performance more than the summer conditions. Low temperatures could be deadly to the battery.

In cold weather the truck battery is using two times more power to start the engine because the oil gets thicker in the low temperatures so it needs more time to start the engine.

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During the winter, you can use some protective cloth around the truck battery to protect it from the direct influence. This is also a good way to close the direct cold and warmth waves from the inside and outside of the truck and make some kind of protective bubble with a unique temperature around the truck battery.

Check the power level in volts to see how battery performs

The voltage of the truck battery is very important and it is an indication of your battery performance. To check the battery you should use a voltmeter. How should I do that?

  • Shut the engine off
  • Turn the truck lights off
  • Connect the red cable to the positive terminal with plus mark (+)
  • Connect the black cable to the negative terminal with plus mark (-)
  • Check the voltage on an empty truck
  • Check the voltage on a full load to see the performing strength of the truck battery

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You can use a digital or analog voltmeter to check the voltage. Digital would give you more accurate numbers. Checking the power level of the truck battery should not be an option it should be a regular practice.


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If the battery performance does not fulfill your needs you should change it on time before it left you in the middle of the road or even worst in the middle of nowhere on some cold winter night.


When it comes to a truck battery we should have in mind that we are talking about the heart of the truck that pumps energy to all parts and gives them the necessary energy to run smoothly. In this article, you had a chance to look closer to the conditions that could affect the performance of the truck battery and learn how to protect it from many factors.
Surgeons are the people who know the human physiognomy but you guys are the surgeons when we are talking about the physiognomy of the trucks. You are the first line people that are dealing with the failures and defects. You are the people that could stop the catastrophe before it occurs. In the trucking story, you are the hero.
The more you know about the truck battery and all electrical system of your truck the more glory you will get! What is your experience in this matter?



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