7 top secrets you should buy white freightliner 1

7 Top Secrets You Should Buy White Freightliner

White truck color hides dirt very well overall, and represents the easiest paint to take care of. But when it comes to the interiors of these trucks they usually come in black, gray or tan, because it will ease the maintenance because the lighter interiors will show much more dirt.

6.White Freightliner Is Easy To Sell-Everybody Wants It

Before buying any vehicle we should consider carefully what we will do on the long run. We should consider in case we decide to resell the truck- will we be able to do that easy?
If you want to buy a new truck two good reasons that you should consider and you should spend time thinking are the color and the resale value.

7 top secrets you should buy white freightliner
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Therefore it is good for white Freightliner truck owners to know that everybody loves these trucks . So even if you have driven a lot of miles with your white Freightliner you will be able to sell it easy and to make more money than selling for example a black truck.

What makes white Freightliner so easy to sell? – Besides the performance, it is the color. Truck drivers are less likely to get sick of the white color than any other color. Bolder colors depreciate faster , all depends on the trends.

At the same time being easy to resale , white Freightliner trucks are also safer than trucks in other colors. That is so because black trucks have 12 % higher crash risk relative to white trucks in daylight. As well at down and dusk black trucks are found to have 47% higher crash risk than white Freightliner trucks.

Without doubt color can easily affect your resale value by hundreds or in best cases even thousands of dollars.

7.White Freightliner Is Affordable To Maintain

White Freightliner is absolutely very affordable to maintain. White color is a low maintenance color. If you buy a white Freightliner you will notice that you can get without a truck wash much longer than you could with trucks of other colors.


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On the other hand black painted trucks show even the tiniest speck of dust. The process of cleaning a white truck doesn’t involve a lot of automotive products and that is why this truck is affordable to maintain. White Freightliner trucks are easy and cheap to repair and maintain.


In conclusion Freightliner is addressing to the market needs and is resolving the customer challenges. Each Freightliner truck on the road is an innovation concept brought into reality. This truck is built with a purpose to deliver results that grow businesses.
By choosing Freightliner white truck you will be safe when on the road and definitely you will have the cleanest truck. This is the truck that everyone wants because of it’s comfort, his white color, the fact that it’s always clean and affordable to maintain.
After revealing you these 7 top secrets , would you buy a Freightliner white truck?



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