Employee GPS Tracking Systems checklist

7 Ways Employee GPS Tracking Systems Improve Disaster Preparedness

When employees know and are informed about the actual situation with everything that is going on in the company, including the GPS implementation, then they will be more likely to accept any possible changes.

3. Embrace Modern Fleet Management Practices and Improve Disaster Preparedness

There are numerous ways how employee GPS tracking systems can improve disaster preparedness. That is why businesses should embrace modern fleet management practices as soon as possible. Especially the ones that are operating in dangerous sites.

Source: blog.gpspolice.com

By embracing modern fleet management practices businesses have experienced improved disaster preparedness and have seen a clear difference in how they are managing their operations after its implementation.

Starting from real-time visibility, continuing with increased efficiency and productivity, up to the automatization of the processes, embracing modern fleet management practices and employee GPS tracking systems can provide it all to you.

4. Employee GPS Tracking Systems Application in Earth Quake

As mentioned before employee GPS tracking systems are beneficial for different types of businesses. Yet, there are few industries that can make the most use of employee tracking systems.

For example, construction or mining industries are constantly working on different sites, which sites can be prone to different natural disasters such as is the earthquake.

Source: www.unavco.org

Thereupon, it is the integrated ground measurements and satellite remote sensing that can help meet the safety requirements of sites that are prone to earthquakes.

Moreover, employee GPS tracking systems can play a big role in improving disaster preparedness for employees. Especially for the ones working on sites prone to earthquakes. Due to the fact that the GPS devices are providing millimeter level differential accuracy.

With the GPS systems, businesses will have a clear insight of the inter-seismic ground deformation and co-seismic displacement.

5. Employee GPS Tracking Systems Application in Flood Management

On the other hand, we have the case of work sites that are prone to flood.

Straight proportionally, the businesses that are prone to flooding should take the advantage of employee GPS tracking systems application in flood management.

Source: micromine.com

More precisely, GPS technologies are recommended because it includes integration of inventory mapping as well as a location of surface structures.

So, employees working on location/site where there are chances of a flood can manage any possible hazardous situation with the help of GPS- this system can help users to estimate flood water depth.

6. Employee GPS Tracking Systems Application in Forest Fire Management

In the foreground, there are as well industries operating in fields that are liable to forest fires.

So straight proportionally those businesses should take into consideration to implement employee GPS tracking systems application.

Moreover, the reason why I am suggesting employee GPS tracking systems application in forest fire management is due to the feature that enables companies to gather locational information.

Source: www.fs.usda.gov

In addition, since the GPS system is featuring maps, then the user should use the maps to determine the fire perimeter. As well as to dereference the location, as well as the area that has been damaged.

By identifying these facts, the business operating in the area, altogether with the employees can be disaster ready for the use of the GPS tracking device.

So, improved disaster preparedness is inevitable with the employee GPS tracking systems.

7. Employee GPS Tracking Systems limitations in Improving Disaster Preparedness

At the present time, we can witness that the employee GPS tracking systems can improve disaster preparedness. Still, there are few limitations that users are facing with.

To start with, there are 80% of users stating that they were not loose to the degree of precision in finding locations. Yet, this can result in poor activity and low accuracies of employee GPS tracking systems.

Source: www.uctv.tv

On the other hand, users can face GPS signal limitations. Especially if they are using it indoors, under bridge, trees or underwater.

Moreover, as you can see the GPS accuracy might be affected by certain sources of error, and straight proportionally to that, it can pose limitations to their users.

Safe Driving Behaviors

Last but not least, trucking companies should definitely be alerted to the driving behaviors of their truckers.

Moreover, if it happens that you detect unsafe driving behaviors such as:

  • Speeding;
  • Aggressive driving;
  • Distracted driving;

Then you should sit down with that particular driver and start with a training all over again- if it is necessary.

After all, safety is everything.

In addition, it has been defined by the NHTSA that aggressive driving, distracted driving, and speeding are putting other passengers in danger as well.


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Due to unsafe driving behaviors, there are approximately 1.000 deaths monthly in the USA.

Yet, the unsafe driving behaviors can be stopped with the help of GPS solutions.

Nonetheless, the GPS solutions can assist truck drivers in disaster preparedness with the alerts that are sending. Actually, the fleet tracking solutions are offering the most reliable tools that can help trucking companies to combat dangerous and distracted driving behaviors.

On the other hand, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, sudden cornering can be also indicated with the GPS tracker.

Thereupon, the reports that you will receive from the GPS tracking device will help you keep track on the performance of your drivers.

Thanks to these reports you will be in the situation to eliminate dangerous driving behaviors. Just after few weeks, you will notice that fuel efficiency increases- by which you will start improving your company’s bottom line.

Simply said, the GPS tracking solution will definitely increase the safety in your company and will reduce costs- such as is the insurance cost. And, most importantly by improving the flow of your fleet’s work, you will enjoy improved customer service and customer satisfaction.


In the final analysis, we can see that even a single disaster can disrupt the overall work of companies. And by that, it can lead to possible consequences for employees.

Luckily, nowadays businesses can enjoy the benefits that GPS tracking systems can bring in improving disaster preparedness.



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