8 Things To Do To Prevent Truck Drivers Leaving Your Company

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And trust me, you do not want that.

Continually, if a truck driver completes a task flawlessly reward him/ her with a free healthy lunch.

If one or several of your truck drivers complete the HOS, respects the DOT or DOL regulations reward the employee.

On the subject of this, it is always important to reward your truck drivers. Correspondingly, consider the free healthy lunch.

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To emphasize, having healthy truck drivers is crucial for your trucking company. It is a considerable reward, to be honest.

Due to their sedentary life, truck drivers face obesity or other health problems. Thus, they will have a healthy lifestyle.

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Once they have it, they will start looking at it as a routine which will lead them to make a healthy food choice and a better truck driver health.

Thus, you will show respect to them and more importantly, it is a budget friendly option. In other words, it is a win-win situation.

Generally speaking, it is one of the acceptable ways to prevent truck drivers leaving your company.

5. Provide Them Free Showers on The Route They Drive

Same as the healthy life, hygiene is also important for truck drivers. With regards to this, if they are always in their trucks does not mean they do not want to take showers or do not have time.


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They are human beings.

They want to and they do have time.

Sometimes they will not have the budget for it. Having said this, they might think it is more economical to skip a shower or two.

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However, this can be managed too.

Regarding this, there are particular truck stops which offer a free give away. For example, Pilot Flying J allows you free showers under one condition: you need to buy a specific amount of fuel.

It is a great exchange of necessities.

Think about it.

Source: www.pilotflyingj.com

Either way, you need fuel for the truck so why not buy it from this truck stop?

You are not losing anything but it is a benefit for your truck drivers.

To continue with, shower prices are normally for about $15 and saving them to your truck drivers will be a huge favor to them.

Additionally, there is another option.

Source: www.pilotflyingj.com

If you are already tied up to a particular truck stop where you get your fuel cards, you could negotiate for free showers.

This is a great option for you, the truck stop and the truck drivers.

However, there is something you need to be particularly careful with.

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There are truck stops which will make you sign a deal on their own terms and negotiations. For instance, they could make you sign the deal if you buy a certain amount of fuel monthly.

Therefore, pay attention to details and try to get the negotiation. Have in mind that getting the deal is in order to prevent truck drivers leaving your company.

6. Provide Them With a Chance To Go Home More Often

Being a truck driver is not an easy occupation. It is pretty hard even for the local drivers depending on what types of freight they haul.

For instance, if a truck driver is operating class 8 trucks or hazmat cargo then truck driving is harder.

Furthermore, long haul truck driving is more exhausting since you spend days and sometimes a month on the highways.

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Due to this matter, it is important for truck drivers to let them go home more often. In this way, they will have a balance between highway and home.

According to psychology, being away from your family results in depression. Correspondingly, it is the reason why truck drivers feel lonely and unhappy.

Having said this, they not only want to see their families more often but they need to. In addition, it is probably one of the reasons why are truck drivers leaving your company.

Source: www.drivefordot.com

If they see that they do not have free time in order to visit their families they will run like the wind.

If you as a trucking business owner do not take care of your truck drivers they will eventually leave your trucking company.

Having said this, it is important for you to optimize their routes. Notably, there is something you can do.

Source: www.truckdriverjobsinamerica.com

Generally speaking, dispatchers are doing everything they can in order to find as many loads as they can.

Consequently, this leads to much work for truck drivers and being constantly on the road.

To continue with, this is done so that the company makes more profit without realizing that truck drivers are practically living on the highways.

This kind of work will lead them to leave your company.

7.  Implement Bonus Program for Your Truck Drivers

With regards to bonuses, you have an individual approach to each and every truck driver in your trucking company.

The bonuses are crucial for truck drivers as your employees. Why is that?

Well, to begin with, truck driving is a risky profession. Moreover, they spend days on the roads and they are doing an amazing job every day.

Source: www.roehl.jobs

To emphasize, they are the heroes of the highways.

Without truck drivers, the economy, as well as America, would stop moving, including your business too.

They are driving through winter weather, through the hell-like climate weather of the deserts etc. More importantly, they are giving their best to comply with the OSHA, NHTSA, NFPA or even BLS regulations.

These kinds of truck drivers not only deserve bonuses but they deserve truck driver awards from ATA as well.

Source: www.tmctrans.com

Having said this, you could include bonuses in order to thank them and show them respect for their contribution and sacrifice each day.



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