9 Obvious Trucking Industry Facts That Will Still Kind Of Blow Your Mind

trucking industry facts - trucking is most common job title

Correspondingly, there is one of the interesting trucking industry facts which affects drivers and US states in particular.

In other words, truck driving is found to be the most common job title in some states.

As surprisingly as it may seem, the statistics show that the following are the states of trucking:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Arkansas
  4. California
  5. Georgia
  6. Idaho
  7. Indiana
  8. Illinois
  9. Kentucky
  10. Mississippi
  11. Missouri
  12. Minnesota
  13. Maine
  14. North Carolina
  15. Oregon
  16. Ohio
  17. Pennsylvania
  18. Utah
  19. Wisconsin
  20. Texas
trucking industry facts - high company management
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In addition to the above-mentioned, if you want to become involved in the trucking industry, you will definitely have the potential.

If you ever lost a job and you want to try something new or you want to try truck driving specifically, these states will certainly welcome your presence.

Notably, if you decide to make this step, you will definitely find a trucker friend on the road.

Who knows, you might discover your dream job in Utah or Texas.

5. Trucking Industry Impacts Every Other Industry

As shown above, trucking is the main industry which is providing cities and other countries with the materials they need.

Having said this, it is the most important industry in the United States. Continually, without trucking, the US would literally stop.

To put it in another way, the other industries would decrease sales and profit, and not a single strategy would save them.

trucking industry facts - trucking impacts other industries
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On the subject of this, the impact on the country is immense. Not to mention the influence trucking industry has on the economy.

Having said this, the trucking industry is to blame for the success of the other industries. One of the greatest over the road challenges that truck drivers face is to complete on time and safe transportation.

trucking industry facts - transportation impact on the world
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Without providing a complete transportation, not only the trucking but other businesses will be at a loss as well.

For the purpose of achieving their goal and completing this challenge, the trucking companies go through a lot. Not to mention the difficult times that truck drivers face while being on the road.

trucking industry facts - transportation is crucial for other industries
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Generally speaking, the importance of trucking in America is unimaginable. Whether the business is small or enterprise, truck drivers are obliged to make things for other industries happen.

Moreover, another interesting of the trucking industry facts is that trucking actually makes more productive delivery than airplanes and ships make.

How amazing is that?

6. OTR Truck Drivers Log 100,000+ Miles Every Year

Each day, we are seeing at least two trucks delivering cargo on the roads. Some of them are delivering big cargo while the other truckers are completing a delivery driver job duties.

Besides the fact that we are seeing at least two truckers daily, we have never asked ourselves the following:

What a day in the trucker’s life looks like?

trucking industry facts - otr driving mileage a year
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The thing is, only 90% of the people are imagining the picture of the good things in trucking.

But what about the rest?

Same as you are having a bad day, truck drivers are having those as well.

Only twice bad.

To be honest, they go through a lot. As an illustration, they are living things one could not even imagine they exist.

trucking industry facts - a day in the life of a driver
Source: www.asbacademy.org

Have you ever questioned yourself how far actually truck drivers go?

Especially the long haul truck drivers.

One of the most interesting trucking industry facts is that an average over the road truckers logs 100,000 miles a year. To emphasize, the mileage equals to driving around the world and along the equator for four times.

Amazing isn’t it?

With this in mind, the mileage of long-haul truck drivers is the most inspiring of all trucking industry facts.

In the end, once they complete their routes, they manage to save their heads and minds through the constant challenges that the industry is throwing at them on a daily basis.

7. This Is the Most Valuable Truckers Cargo

One of the most valuable traits that the greatest and experienced truck drivers possess is their ability to transport valuable cargo.

Having said this, truck drivers are not in vain called the heroes of the highways.

There are different types of freight to be transported on a daily basis and it takes the brave only in order to provide that.

trucking industry facts - business value in transportation
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In addition, one of the most valuable trucking industry facts is the precious cargo being transported on a daily basis.

Each day, flatbed loads, dry van trucking, and hazardous cargo drivers are delivering inestimable cargo to help cities and countries develop on a higher level.

Notably, they are helping the business to achieve their goals with the materials they have transported by truckers.

trucking industry facts - developing value in companies
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In particular, the most valuable cargo in the trucking industry takes 10.4% of the road transportation. Further, one of the trucking industry facts is that it takes really professional truck drivers in order to transport the cargo safely.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile
  • Leather
  • Gasoline
  • Natural gas
  • Manufactured products
  • Coal and asphalt
  • Rubber
  • Plastic

What is important to remember is that this is the cargo with the extreme cost. That is why the transportation requires a highly effective cargo securement equipment and safe transportation process.

In the worst case, one mistake and even the most successful trucking company can lead its business to extreme trucking expenses.

8. Average OTR Truck Fuel Consumption Is 20,500 Every Year

To continue with, one of the most common trucking occupation is the long haul or over the road (OTR) trucking. Having said this, it is also the occupation where the highest expenses are found the most common as well.


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Besides the fleet, the fuel is the second biggest expense that the trucking businesses actually face and it is especially hard for small transportation companies.

Further, there are long-haul companies which have cross-border services which result in high fuel consumption.



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