Advises To Save Money With Plumbing Fleet Tracking

By tracking the location of drivers and address them to the needed location, you are improving the customer loyalty.

plumbing fleet tracking helps Creating Customer Loyalty

Thus, you get accurate timetables and provide clients with the best service possible. As an illustration, working to meet client’s needs and keep them satisfied takes a lot.

With the help of a quality plumbing fleet trucking, the employees will be able to communicate openly and will look at it as an incentive to arrive on time.


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Thinking ahead of the operations will save you time, money as well as reduce stress. More importantly, increase the possibility to react on time in situations where the last-minute approach to a problem is needed.

Lower Operating Expenses for Your Business

Another benefit companies get from a GPS tracking software is reducing the time needed to complete a particular operation.

It will further reduce the time spent on the road allowing enough to focus on plumbing and the service in the branch.

This will consequently allow plumbers to finish the work faster which will lead to on-time payments and increase in efficiency.

Lower Operating Expenses for Your Business with plumbing fleet tracking

Moreover, the increase in efficiency will also reduce the time stuck in a traffic where the team will get on time on a field.

Paying the employees for overtime is really an expense that affects a company insanely.

With the use of a GPS system, you will have a better resource to help the team act more productively and make more in less time.

Furthermore, you will save the company from hiring more employees which is an additional expense and assign the staff more intelligently instead.

lower the expenses with plumbing fleet tracking

By monitoring, measuring and analyzing the fleet for 24 hours a day, you will notice a difference in the employees’ performance and effort all the time.

You will get accurate and detailed reports on the shifts of the driver, the current location, the stops they made and the time of their tasks on the field.

In addition, smarter routing brings decreasing between jobs time and increasing revenue.

Improve and Ease the Work of Employees

Other factors to think of when implementing plumbing fleet tracking are companies’ needs.

For example, there are the operations together with the services you provide and there are the employees.

Regarding the employees, if you think about implementing plumbing fleet tracking device you need to hire a fleet management team.

Even though the biggest weight is on the plumbers which are in a way representing the company, the fleet management is also an important factor.

plumbing fleet tracking helps employees

Notably, this will highly increase the productivity of the employees. For example, if some of the plumbers are already on the field, they can also finish some work in the nearest area.

If a customer needs plumbing assistance, with the fleet plumbing system, managers are able to see which vehicle is closest to the destination.

There are simply exquisite benefits of GPS in businesses, including the plumbing as well.

plumbing fleet tracking Improves and Eases the Work of Employees

Thus, you will increase the productivity of the employees by also providing services quickly.

Bringing your business into the modern era of technology and incorporate plumbing fleet tracking is the best innovative investment.

The plumbing fleet tracking technology is used to improve efficiency and help your company serve your community way better.

Plumbing Fleet Tracking Helps with Speeding and Violations

Even though roads are not the main territory of plumbing companies, it is enough involved to cause trouble.

In addition, there could be inattentive drivers which can cause you further expenses besides the fuel while on duty.

A speeding ticket may cost you thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, there is the disobedience of rules and regulations of driving. Having said this, there are fines which comply with the mandates.

Plumbing Fleet Tracking Helps with Speeding and Violations

As such is the hours of service (HOS) and vehicle inspections (DVIR) which can trigger additional costs.

Plumbing fleet tracking can make sure that they are observing the law. Moreover, it will help drivers to easily comply with the rules and regulations.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

If you want to avoid the fees for speeding or any driving law violation, you need to track the drivers.

In this way, the drivers will be more compliant and respectful of the regulations.

Plumbing Fleet Tracking Lowers Insurance Costs

There is no an insurance which is made the same. According to your fleet, you create the policy which is further influenced by the following:

Insurance use for the vehicle

Depending on the industry you are involved in, the insurance contracts are made. As an illustration, the fleet insurance is rather complex than the car insurance.

plumbing fleet tracking provides safe use of the vehicle

For example, it will depend on the type of vehicles, whether they are light, medium or heavy-duty.

Luckily, the plumbing industry does not need expensive insurance since they use the vehicle too long destinations but only to get to a particular destination.

Insurance Policy

As shown above, due to the services you offer, the minimum insurance policy covers liability and collision.

Therefore, it all depends on your preferences.

plumbing fleet tracking minimizes insurance policy

If you are willing to invest more and add additional options like roadside assistance or coverage from theft and other damage, the insurance program will cost you more.

Enhancing Vehicle Security and Safety

Even though you are using the plumbing trucks only to get to a destination, they are somewhere parked during working hours.

While plumbers are on duty, the vehicles are probably left unsafe. Due to this matter, it is really important to make sure that the fleet stays claims free.

plumbing fleet tracking enhances vehicle security

Instead of investing in insurance premium programs to increase fleet safety, you can invest in a GPS vehicle tracking which will serve you as a true hero.

Based on the geographical area, you can get alerts on each movement in real time which helps you to easily locate the vehicles.



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