Auxiliary Fuel Tank - Is It Worth Buying 4

Auxiliary Fuel Tank – Is It Worth Buying?

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Final Advice if You Choose to Buy an Auxiliary Fuel Tank?

Guys I tried here to include the negative and positive sides of having an auxiliary fuel tank and let you make the final decision.

I will repeat myself again by saying that this fuel tank is constructed for a reason and the decision of buying depends on of your routes, the truck you are driving so if you didn’t find enough reasons why not to buy an additional fuel tank then I want to give you some advice how to find the best for you.

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Here is the list:

  • Choose a High-Quality auxiliary fuel tank
  • Find suitable shape for your truck
  • Choose auxiliary fuel tank with Long Warranties
  • It has to be certified
  • Check reviews before you finally buy


When you are in the transportation business everything is challenging the long distances, the fuel prices, and the dangerous roads. Everything needs to be calculated from the beginning to the end of the transportation process.

We are doing everything to low the expenses connected with the fuel. Some of us tried to install and auxiliary fuel tank to increase the fuel capacity and by that to extend the driving range and reduce the number of fuel stops… but steal is auxiliary fuel tank worth buying?

Any advice is welcomed and that is why I am asking you what your experience with the auxiliary fuel tank is if you have one. What was crucial to install one on your truck? What type do you prefer and why?



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