Beginner's Guide for Medium Duty Trucks

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Medium Duty Trucks

Always inspect the vehicle first. Take it for a test drive, see how it handles and listen for odd noises. Check for any signs of burning, this could be an indicator of bigger problems. Have a trusted certified mechanic look it over and make sure it is mechanically sound.

A little added precaution before buying will save you many headaches later.

Medium Duty Trucks

Where to buy Medium Duty Trucks?

This is the easiest question… or is it? Vehicles classified as medium duty trucks can be found at most larger dealerships. But they might not be the model and size you are looking for. Many of the larger communities have specialty dealerships that only carry commercial medium duty trucks.

There are of course, other options available to you. Private sellers will post in auto trade magazines and in the classifieds of the local paper and online. Many dealerships take trade-in’s and will auction these off; another option is the government seizure auctions. Many departments will host an auto auction to get rid of seized vehicles. Then of course there are the government surplus auctions as well. You can look up any of these options online.

Remember to always shop around and to research before you buy.

Medium Duty Trucks

Some other considerations with Medium Duty Trucks

When buying medium duty trucks you need to ensure they are insured properly. Also make sure your company’s liability insurance will cover the freight being transported. Safety is another key factor; issues with medium duty trucks can adversely affect your company’s safety rating the same as with big trucks. This not only affects your insurance premiums but will affect how customers view your overall organization.


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Observe weigh/scale station requirements to avoid penalties. Just because it is a smaller truck doesn’t mean the weight limit requirements don’t apply. Check with your state (or the one you operate in) to see what applies to your organization.

One last thing to consider is training. It might not be a requirement to have a CDL, but you as a driver or your drivers need to know how to operate medium duty trucks properly. The size and handling can often intimidate an inexperienced driver.

Remember safety first!

Medium Duty Trucks


Medium duty trucks have a ton of uses and are an asset to any organization. Just do your research into what’s available and make sure it truly fits your business model. The more services you can offer your customers the more likely you are to retain them, and even gain new ones.

I touched on safety but don’t forget your fleet maintenance. It has to be regular! That’s right; you didn’t think I would talk about medium duty trucks and not stress the importance of proper maintenance, did you? Observe the manufacturer’s suggestions, change the oil regularly, rotate the tires, and everything else on a routine schedule. This will ensure that your medium duty trucks will run with the big trucks!

What uses does your organization have for medium duty trucks? Do you have a preference, standard or automatic transmission? Why? What suggestions would you offer a first time buyer? Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestion with us.



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