Best Semi Truck Manufacturer Battle - Freightliner vs Kenworth vs Volvo. Which one do you prefer?

Best Semi Truck Manufacturer Battle – Freightliner vs Kenworth vs Volvo

Thus, taking advantage of Freightliner dealerships across the US, your company is more likely to become as one of the most reputable trucking business.


When you first hear of Volvo, I assume you immediately imagine their automobiles with their exquisite engine features.

Having said this, have you ever had the chance to check on the power of the Volvo best semi truck models?

Volvo as one of the best semi truck models

To illustrate, there are classes at Volvo which are divided based on route length rather than load type.

The company of Volvo specializes in creating trucks for long-haul use.

What you can expect from Volvo is a possession of elegant and classy design beside their functionality specifications.

Volvo significantly took over the market as a reliable manufacturer of best semi truck editions in 2016.

best semi truck Volvo

Thanks to the large increase in demand among buyers, the company grew as the most popular best semi truck producers.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the market follows heavy-duty trucks in America.

Although Volvo is a Swedish producer of semi trucks, it is among the best American truck brands as well.


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To put it in another way, it is known as the 2nd largest heavy-duty manufacturer in the world, including dump trucks.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company is known as one of the most preferred choices on the market.

Great Cab Amenities

Being made for long distance routes, Volvo vehicles can take from one to more days of driving. As an illustration, their sleeper cabin is the best proof of it.

In addition, they are made for comfort equal to a hotel room and can save your company from trucking expenses during overnight routes.

Volvo trucks are made for long trips that can take one or more days to complete.

best semi truck Volvo great cab amenities

Their sleeper cabs look more comfortable than a lot of hotel rooms, which can save costs for companies who send their drivers on lots of overnight routes.

Volvo’s sleeper cabins in the best semi truck models make long distances easier to handle. They reduce distractions which reduces road accidents and makes it easier to cope with SAFER regulations.

I-Shift Transmission

The I-shift transmission is considered to be the Volvo’s trademark. It helps adjust the acceleration of trucks and makes the routes a breeze.

best semi truck I-shift transmission

What is more important is that it has the right shift in speed and engine load customized in a way to save fuel.

Remote Diagnostics

What makes Volvo as one of the best semi truck manufacturers is their remote diagnostics technology.

best semi truck Volvo remote diagnostics

It doesn’t matter where you are or what the problem is since the capabilities of this technology will keep you safe on the road.

It is about a Premium Tech Tool which is an app allowing you to test and diagnose the problems.

Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance

Same as Freightliner, Volvo offers natural gas options as an alternative to their classy engines.

When it comes to implementing a smart technology, they were also involved with EPA on SmartWay.

best semi truck Volvo fuel efficiency and maintenance

Due to the remarkable engines and technology, Volvo has created a dealership over the world. These dealerships are in fact, an attractive alternative to using their maintenance and repair services.


Kenworth is known as the best semi truck manufacturer which uses the latest computer technology.

Not only they do this to make their models look unique and stand out from the competition, but increase safety as well.

Kenworth implements technology in their edition for almost a century and PACCAR is one of them.

best semi truck Kenworth

For instance, their W900 model has a classic and distinguished interior and exterior with 600 horsepower.

Due to their outstanding design and capacity, they remain among the most popular on the market despite the price increase.

Furthermore, their models are so gracefully made that even their older editions are among the most wanted to this day and are still available for resale.

Driver Amenities

Some of the Kenworth long-haul models are known as aerodynamic and have sleeper cabs.

They are known as spacious in order to make the drivers feel like home while still being on the road.

This is due to their latest innovative technologies which use a navigational system for Google applications use.

best semi truck Kenworth Driver Amenities

For example, one such model is the T800. By taking a glimpse of the vehicle you will be amazed, but once you look at the futuristic design, you will feel like you are in a space shuttle.

Not to mention their management applications which allow the drivers to keep track of the upkeep maintenance and fuel economy.

You will feel like you’re in a futuristic truck in this model and their others as well.
Management applications allow drivers to track upkeep, regular maintenance, and fuel economy.

Variety of Vocational Capabilities

The various capabilities of the best semi truck models make the machines able to handle any job.

For example, there is a Bodybuilder feature which allows you to customize the trucks to your specific needs for business.

best semi truck Kenworth Vocational Capabilities

Having said this, there are a lot of Kenworth trucks which can handle loads that other vehicles cannot.

With this intention, their models are perfect for carrying extreme transportation loads.


If you have previously heard about a PACCAR powertrain then you definitely know its capability.

With regards to this, it enables vehicles to get the axles, the engines and the transmissions work together and smoothly as a power team.

best semi truck Kenworth powertrain

More importantly, they provide companies with fuel economy with minimal upkeep requirements regardless of the mileage.


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Repairs and Diagnostics

Kenworth uses a web-based diagnostics tool to help drivers determine the source of a problem while on the road.

Drivers can then take a truck to any dealership in the country, which they can locate using an app, for repairs and maintenance.



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