Busting The Myths About Commercial Trucking

It is the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics that took care for trucking companies to start paying their truck drivers nearly the same sum.

So, the salary that truck drivers are taking is quite reasonable.

I will take as an example the following 5 top paying states in the field of commercial trucking:

Mississippi $68.000
Wyoming $61.000
New York $60.000
Massachusetts $59.000
Washington D.C. $59.000


Truck Drivers Aren’t Important

This is one of the worst myths in the commercial trucking history.

Moreover, the trucking industry in the USA represents the lifeboat and the backbone of the overall economy. Commercial truck drivers in the USA are moving more than 70% of all goods.

Source: www.businessinsider.com

In the light of that we can see that without commercial trucking, the U.S. economy would come to a standstill.

Not only have that, without truckers the life would come to a grinding halted, literally.

To move 10.5 billion tons of freight annually requires over 3.4 million heavy-duty Class 8 truck and over 3.5 million truck drivers.

It also takes over 38 billion gallons of diesel fuel to move all of that freight.

Source: www.thebalance.com

Without commercial trucking the hospitals in only 24 hours will run out of medical supplies, and in 4 weeks approximately the nation’s clean water supply will exhaust.

Truck Drivers Are Serial Killers

If you believe in this myth, then you must have watched some of the movies that Hollywood has presented to us.

This might be true in the movies, but in reality believe me truck drivers are not even close to being ruthless killers.

Source: www.bsquare.com

On the positive side, truck drivers are in fact the ones the heroes on the highways, not the killers.

Truck drivers who are part of commercial trucking are constantly rolling on the road, straight proportionally they are the ones that are the first to respond if these has been any accident or fighting crime.

Remember: Put this myth aside and see the real side of commercial trucking!

Truck Drivers Are Dirty

This myth might be true if you presented it to people many decades ago.

Nowadays we have modern truckers who pride themselves on professionalism. That is to say the truckers these days are keeping themselves tidy as well as the rigs that they are driving.

Source: www.AllTruckJobs.com

Also, in the USA there are many truck stops that are offering their amenities for free, such as is the free shower. By having a regular shower truck drivers are getting the following benefits:

  • Improving their health;
  • Increase their safety (showers can contribute in relieving stress and waking up quickly);
  • Shower relaxes the muscles;
  • Showers can increase the alertness of truck drivers;
  • By having regular showers truck drivers will improve their immunity and blood circulation;
  • Can relieve their stiff neck and shoulders;

Commercial Trucking Involves Truckers Who Aren’t Educated

Just because the trucking industry is not requiring any college degree, that doesn’t have to mean that truckers are not educated.

In fact although the trucking industry does not require any college degree, there are truckers who have obtained successfully their college degree. So you see it!

Source: www.jimglaserlaw.com

With this in mind, remember as well that truck drivers in order to obtain their Class A driver’s license they have to undergo numerous training.

There are a lot of laws and regulations that apply to commercial trucking, and truck drivers have to learn them all.

Yet, not only that truck drivers have to learn all laws and regulations that apply to commercial trucking but more importantly they have to incorporate their knowledge while performing the transportation process.

Source: www.scania.com

Truck drivers have far more responsibilities that you might think of, starting from keeping up with appointment times, scheduled hours, as well as fuel levels.

Remember: Commercial trucking takes a great deal of intelligence as well as attention to details.

Truck Drivers Aren’t Cultured

Who can be more cultured than truck drivers? Who have seen more diversity of the United Stated than truck drivers?

I can hear the answer already.

Truckers engaged in commercial trucking know more about the U.S. diversity in culture than any other people.

Source: www.blog.gopenske.com

Therefore, truck drivers see more of the country than people with any other profession.

In general, commercial trucking brings truckers in a situation where they have to drive 125.000 per year.


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Straight proportionally that means that truckers get to see all kinds of scenery, national attraction, as well they get to meet with a lot of people with different cultural background.

So the next time that you get to say that truck drivers aren’t cultured think about these facts and figures that I have presented.

Truck Drivers Performing Commercial Trucking Are Creeps

In the same fashion what that Hollywood has painted you the picture of truck drivers being serial killers, they have as well painted you the picture of truck drivers being creepy.

Busting this myth has been one of my favorites.

That is so mainly because I don’t like any unfairness in the world. So, I will reveal you straight away that truckers are just friendly individuals and you might not be accustomed to that.

Source: www.katecraigdc.com

Working in the trucking industry has led me to meeting a lot of truck drivers, none of them are creeps, quite the opposite, the truck drivers that I have met have helped me in endless number of situations.

But that is not everything, truck drivers have helped and are helping constantly to people that are in need on the highways.

Commercial Trucking Gives You A Lot Of Freedom

Unfortunately, this positive myth which indicated that truck driving gives you a lot of freedom is not true at all.

Yes, truck drivers are driving to new destinations constantly and are meeting endless number of new people.



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