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Buyer’s Guide: Things You MUST Research Before Choosing Fleet Tracking

That is why the future fleet tracking solution user should always seek for an answer for the following questions:

  1. What are the hours of availability of the company? More precisely what is the availability of customer service?
  2. Do they have their training materials available for users?
  3. Where are their customer support centers located?

Make Sure That the GPS Comes With Complete Instructions

Things that you have to research before choosing fleet tracking includes – making yourself sure that the GPS devices come with complete instructions.

That is due to the fact that different GPS vehicle tracking devices do have different requirements when it comes to installation up to the actual use of it.


Nowadays there is GPS vehicle tracking devices that are working with regular batteries, whereas there are others that require initial charge before using.

So, that leaves the future fleet tracking solution user to find out the one solution that suits him the best. Yet, it is preferable that the solution comes with complete instructions.

Tip: Detailed and complete installation instructions are more than necessary when you are handled with a GPS device you have never been using before! So, make sure that the GPS device you are going to choose has one with it!

Make Research About GPS Price Differences

The best way for the future user can make research about GPS fleet tracking price differences is through conducting a comparison between different GPS models. It is nothing new for GPS users to be faced with huge GPS price differences.

In most cases, it turned out to be up to manufacturers’ choice- and not as the user have thought – that the price difference indicated advanced GPS tracking featured. So, I’m leaving you now to think about the following question.

Nevertheless, the question that most future GPS fleet tracking users have is the following – “What is the cost of the vehicle tracking solution?”.


Thereupon, the cost of the vehicle tracking solutions can be compared easily with the passive solutions.

In fact, here is a great myth buster.

Did you know that the passive fleet solutions are way costlier than the real-time fleet tracking solutions are?

All in all, here is a short breakdown.

In general, vehicle tracking solution prices range starting from $19.95 up to $29.95 per month. Yet, it all depends upon the level of complexity that your business might have.

Tip: Always make research about GPS price differences before you make the final purchase decision!

Find Out More about GPS Alerts and Notification Features

Did you know that it is the real-time solutions that enable the alerts and notifications features?

Well, thanks to the real-time tracking features, that fleet tracking solution is featuring, businesses can keep track of their vehicles 24/7.

It can be even achieved when the user is not located in the office. That is to say the company owner tracking its employees, can have a clear insight of their job by simply turning on the GPS application on his phone or tablet. It is that easy these days.


Moreover, the newly developed business GPS fleet tracking solutions are enabling company owners to be more flexible.

Thanks to the real-time tracking solutions businesses can receive alerts and notifications via their mobile devices, or via e-mail.

Thereupon, the user has the option to receive alerts based on one or multiple criteria that are being programmed into the unit. Still, the choice remains to be yours!


In addition, the alerts and notifications that the fleet tracking solution will send to its user can be triggered based on parameters that are being sent from the unit.

It can be a parameter such as a temperature, door opening or even speed.


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All in all, the future user should research in order to find out more about alerts and notification features that different fleet tracking solutions are offering.

Research Mapping Features

To continue with, having a fleet tracking solution that features mapping software, means that you can utilize it for different specific purposes.

Moreover, the advanced mapping features that almost all new GPS tracking devices have, can allow the user to reach to the final destination effortlessly. As well it enables the user to zoom to street levels. Which later on means that the driver can reach his final destination on time by following the mapping solutions that the GPS devices are featuring.


Yet, on the other hand, the user that has a fleet tracking solution will be enabled to locate his vehicles anywhere and anytime.

On the positive side, there is business GPS fleet tracking devices that are featuring offline maps.

This feature of the fleet tracking software can provide help to truck drivers when the only solution that they have left to use is the offline maps.

Equally important, one of the best fleet tracking features are the different views like:

  • Satellite;
  • Street Maps;
  • Birds Eye;


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So that leads to the fact that the fleet tracking solution that you are going to get should have a partnership with a good mapping provider.

Given these points, you can understand the importance of having a GPS system that sends accurate tracking locations.

Pay Attention to Data Refresh Rate Too

Having newly updated data at all times means saving time and money!

When I say data refresh rate I refer to the measure of how frequently the GPS tracking solution will refresh its data.

Since data points are of a great importance straight proportionally future users of fleet tracking solutions should pay attention to the update speed.


Keep in mind that the lower the time latency is the better and more efficient your GPS solution will be.

The faster and precise information that your GPS tracker will send the better your business will get.

Moreover, it is important for the user to get a data refresh in a few seconds.



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