10 Secrets You NEED To Know About Freight Bill Factoring Companies

Are you considering to get engaged with freight bill factoring companies? First, there are certain things to know before you take any action in particular. How is the use of freight bill factoring companies reflecting your business? Are they leading your business to success or failure? Sometimes the cash flow is uncontrollable and might slip […]

How To Choose Best Hot Shot Load Boards

Hot Shot Load Boards as the time has flown slowly are started to become one of the most important parts of any trucking company operating Class 8 trucks or doing OTR  trucking business. Finding a great load board that perfectly fits the needs of your trucking business now is more important than ever. Source: www.sharjahflight.com […]

Fuel Theft Calculator – Stop Losing Money

The trucking industry has a major part of US economy because generates 5% of USD GDP or $700 Billion/Annually. The trucks across the USA spending 13% of all purchased fuel in one year and the calculations are $130 billion. The fuel is the biggest expense in every trucking company and if it is not managed […]

How to Choose The Best but Cheap Trucker Tax Service

In today article we are going to speak about trucker tax service and their importance. They say ‘if’ can be the most powerful word in the English language. What has become the most dreaded word in the English language? TAXES! It is the one word that strikes fear into the heart of the mightiest of […]

10 Secret and Best Trucking Accounting Advices

Though not everyone fully appreciates its importance, freight is an essential part of the economy in our country. Transportation services are more and more needed to deliver the goods to its final destination. But it isn’t just the freight companies, the brokers, or the drivers. It is so much more. This industry affects so many, […]

5 Expenses that Kill Profit of Your Trucking Company!

In this day and age the trucking business can be very profitable. Each year, we witness a lot of new trucking companies rise in the market but they fail before they can even establish themselves. Numerous reasons are behind the scenes that will predict this kind of outcome. One of the main reasons is … […]

Discover Worst Possible Costs In Trucking Industry

Trucking Industry Cost Introduction Trucking industry is one of the most complicated industries where overall profit margins are really low. On average trucking companies make around 5% net profit of their entire annual income. It is also high volume business meaning that you have huge amounts of money to control and if you are very […]

Free And Paid Online Load Boards: 8 Most Important Questions And Answers

So, you are about to go online for your first loads. That’s great, but do you know where exactly to look for? Does it even matter? Should you go for free or paid loads? How to choose the best matches for your business? What to expect from that deals? Obviously, with so many options out […]

Electronic Logs – 11 Exclusive Secrets To Stay Compliant

Over the last period of months there has been a lot of noise about ELD and all the changes to the trucking industry this new set of rules will bring. There is a lot of time (ELD Mandate – Release Date) for all trucking companies to adopt but as you all know and a lot of you […]

The Best Fleet Fuel Cards For Small Trucking Business

When we are referring to the small trucking businesses, we are picturing owner-operators and fleets under 25 trucks, but the truth is that In USA every fleet under 100 trucks can be called a small business. Servicing your customer, with more value than your competitors do, requires efficient operating. It means that, unlike the big […]