5 Ways How Driver Seat Belt Detection Can Help in Fleet Management

  Driver seat belt usage is continuously increasing over the last few decades but despite constant vehicle alerts we are still not at the 100% usage level. National statistics (according to the NHTSA) are showing that 90.1% of people are using them. Simply the best and safest choice has always been to buckle up. They […]

GPS In Agriculture: One Step Closer To Sustainability

Does your business has a sustainability initiative? Generally speaking businesses that are part of the U.S. agricultural industry can execute sustainability strategies with the implementation of GPS. So, why don’t you make your agricultural business part of the sustainable community? Were you aware of the fact that GPS can bring agriculture one step closer to […]

Residential Shredding Services: Guide To Choosing The Right

Safeguarding your identity and information isn’t just an option nowadays- it is becoming more of a MUST. Straight proportionally shredding companies these days have started offering residential shredding services. On the other hand, the real reason behind the increased interest in residential shredding services lays the fact that more and more Americans are actually working […]

Long Term Car Rental: 6 Reasons Why You Should Go Ahead With It

Are you looking forward to extend your business fleet at a low cost? Or you have stretched out family needs? Luckily, long term car rental is here to erase the headache out of your head by offering you the latest car models for a long, that is to say extended period of time. It makes […]

10 Things To Know To Properly Fill In DVIR Form

DVIR or also known as a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report is part of the Compliance Accountability CSA program. The CSA program has been conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. More precisely, the DVIR Form is essential for trucking companies and truckers, mainly because it acts as a communication tool for the needed repairs […]

Top 12 Commercial HVAC Companies In Illinois

Did you know that the performance of your HVAC systems affect your business? Well, surprisingly or not the answer would be positive. To begin with, properly maintained HVAC systems means lower energy bills, fewer repair expenses as well as reduced down time. Yet, you will have to pay attention to the fact that in commercial […]

Automotive Repair Shops: The Best Ways to Attract Businesses to One

The competition in the auto repair world is huge. It leads automotive repair shops to pose the following question: “Which the best ways to attract businesses and clients are?”. Thereupon, since there is a lot of competition, auto repair shops should start with a targeted strategy. With the right targeted strategy and with a bit […]

Best Semi Truck Manufacturer Battle – Freightliner vs Kenworth vs Volvo

The best semi truck manufacturers are constantly changing the concept of trucks. Not only do they differ in types of freight but they also differ in the implementation of technology and features. Thanks to the online world, the buyers can choose the type of truck by visiting the manufacturer’s website. In addition, they can learn […]

10 Best Caterpillar Dealers in USA

Regarding the customer satisfaction, you need to find the best Caterpillar dealers in USA because they will gladly help you with your business. People who want to make their living selling Caterpillar usually tend to be a different type than the people who make their living selling something at a higher volume. Excellent business performance […]

10 Innovative Automotive Industry Solutions

As the digital age and connectivity prevail in the automotive industry, the innovative solutions are always crucial for implementation. In order to develop an intelligent and sustainable vehicle, you need to create an expertise portfolio that will reimagine your business in the automotive industry from the ground up. If you want to trigger clients and […]